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April 4, 2002


the zone

this is the zone, dave said, you go to the zone. that's how we survive
here. in the zone we're open to the world. it's not something i can
describe. it's outside of language. it's a sensitivity to the timing and
passing of familiar things. it's a withdrawal of the human from imminence,
it's keenness and meditation, it's the ululations changing pitch around
the pond at two in the morning, and the sound of wood stork wings at the
breeding ground at five in the afternoon. the ululations changed pitch,
holding the onset and rhythm through everything. at one end of the pond,
other animals were signaling; everything was loud, energetic, and out of
site at two in the morning. we crawled back through the thicket,
photographing inside animal holes and those cavernous spaces beneath the
root structures of overturned trees. there were several closeup images of
cormorants, showing the structure of the back feathers. there were large
egrets and a white morph of the great blue as well as several green herons
feeding. cormorant young were everywhere. at shark valley, the anhinga
chicks were just about ready to fly away. we stopped tourists from
throwing sticks at an alligator, which was furious and moving at lightning
speed. i yelled at twenty of them. i was a madman in the zone. you go to
the zone, dave said, that's how you survive here. we can enter the zone
any time. it's emptied of people. other things are speaking or quiet;
other things approach like the peculiar anole that sat for :we were back
out on the southern road to flamingo; the small unmarked boardwalk was
dry, the periphyton turned to mud. this time we went out to the end at
christian point; there were small crabs of two types, and horseshoe crabs
washed up and dead on the shore. the cacti thickened nearer the coast, and
the tri-lobed form gave way to six-lobed and then almost columnar links at
the tip. the periphyton was dried, desert-dried, and there were black and
light-grey lichen across the mud-flats. the first time we took the trail,
there were magnificent osprey; this time, nothing. but at the farthest
pond there were two roseate spoonbills. i looked for swallow-tailed kites
or snail-kites at the stop-off points, but none were to be seen. a lot of
blue tilapia on the anhinga trail. no more deer, just dried and desiccated
landscape, various small flowers. all of the mangrove were doing well,
both red and black in the desert meadow of christian point. and somewhere
we heard parrots.:today we rescued one of the larger slugs; for the first
time i was ensured it wasn't a flatworm - its head appeared at the upper
end. the spider, about three centimeters across, managed to rebuild its
web. the synchronous ululations of the frogs stopped; they were apparently
signaled by yesterday's rain. in the thicket,, the medallion or blood-
sucking conenoses were out again; this identification is hazy, incorrect,
confusing. there were two albino ones, all pink and red and yellow, about
an inch and a half in length and an inch in width. they had moved to
different branches on another tree. we found our first slime mold, yellow
and bulbous, in the thicket as well. and some strange small reddish birds;
i'll get the identification later.::i'll get them all, these repeated
images, five-hundred nine so far,

repeated images, hardly moving at all. our favorite anole, beautiful and
courageous and in love with innovati0n.X Folder: INBOX M My repeated
images, hardly moving at all. our favorite anole, beautiful and coura
geous and in love with innovation.



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[Message 8 marked for deletion] table.morriacking a political horizon,
Sharon's ambiguity about the future may,om: Salwa Ghaly <sgh be
extent of the IDF actions in the territories is particularlye, for two
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available here on the NEO website:. 5.  To: undisclosed-recipients:; they
wo Pushes Limit Of Asteroid Imp This
section includes images of the asteroid, a radar movie,oetr s In addition
to this press release, we have inform simulations of the asteroid's orbit,
and a video segmentve on asteroid 1950 DA available here on the NEO
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sadness of world askew

we're thrown to a halt, run out, stop traffic. she's sitting there. all
among the fairest; suffice if one voice of the cars and trucks slow

any darkness, weather, i'd say that we, on mangrove roots, closeup:
barnacles, limpets, mussels, mangroved say eternity, if animals still
roamed free, if there were animals, oysters, worm tubings. i dream of
land's end images, they claw at me, a god was here, so glorious in
us, all among the fairest; message down in the water of the continent.

down with bodies floating in the stream of stories. If you drown,
it is data you drown; if you write, you're written. write and you drown;
the cacti vines, looking grafted, even over, of the web of eternal life,
a number of deaths, swallow-tailed kites high above turkey buzzards,
cormorant perch suffice in my contrary red white black of twist.

if you get death, there are countries full of them, the ink, your lungs
of darkness and dark ink.

creatur pink flux in hole to the foot. ... ...  belief in atomic light ...
... mouthtime.

i know i can count on you and i promise i will never let you down, heart
shatter and your child her period, our country, its dark mouth.


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