The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

April 10, 2002


:sloth, i can't wake up day after day, sleep half of it away, trying to
seize employment in the rest, we're leaving the end of the month, working
on the phenomenology of approach vis-a-vis the everglades, their
entanglement and working one's way through them into sensibility, my
sleeps are dreamless, the hospital did a follow-up phone-call, there were
three calls this morning, i don't remember, all about leaving, everything
about withdrawal, i imagine florida in diminution, the phenomenology of
withdrawal, from the known to the vector of the road, i continue writing,
imaging, taping, my arms leave me, i am heavy, redolent, fecund with the
smell of death ==::attacked in our sleep we will disappear, attacked in
our sleep, the sounds of night continue with the murmuring of plants and
animals everywhere in the world, the world is a giant hospital, the world
is a phone-call, a war, the world is redolent with pain and sleeping
animals, nothing disappearing, nothing emerging, the phenomenology of
quietude against incandescent horizons ==:last night we went back into the
thicket on another night-trip, pale white spiders, activities among the
glade-bugs, small cricket frog, of all two sleeping anoles on leaves,
their legs were stretched out, back against their small bodies, sluggish
and comfortable, almost nothing moving, some barking dogs, they're wild
elsewhere in the thicket, the weight of the thicket soft upon us,
elsewhere the violent and bloody war, o anoles sleep through it, o anoles
survive our dark incursion, o anoles humans shall leave this burned and
violated earth, o anoles sleep well, i will sleep with you, dying in my
sleep, attacked in our sleep == 'we are staying to guard this holy place,
but we are not being held against oted 'electronMessage 25 marked for ur
will' == monk in bethlehem == and fellowship


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