The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

April 13, 2002


phenomenology of approach

this time it was the loxahatchee, jacek and i overturned the canoe on a
three-foot drop, digital nikon overboard.

( it worked for a minute for a moment.
( the card caught its dying breaths.
(  in the beginning, some lacewing eggs followed by a scale insect
(  then the clearing with paurotis, cypress, fern ( what might have been
(   ( an alligator hole ) )
(   then the clearing again
(    suddenly:
(    the switch: this was the portage route which we ignored
(    sondheim soaking, filmed with the dying camera
(     ( it seemed alive at that point, the images as usual
(     jacek by the canoe, clive and jane by the canoe
(   the next image is blurred, green, railing and water
(    the camera was dying
(    the lens, clouded, electronics shutting down
(     ( oh how i worked to retrieve the images! how many hours of
(     coaxing them from the card! )
(   following, the last retrievable series:
(    blue blurs through the ruined lens
(      sondheim in mourning and recuperation
(      the final image but one, the light
(      the final image, the car and its drowned technology

(      the madness of the image
(      the madness of the light

(      madness of the image
(      madness of the light


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