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April 20, 2002

Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 13:44:47 -0400
From: "Funkhouser, Chris" <Funkhouser@ADM.NJIT.EDU>


On Tuesday May 7 Writer and Artist Alan Sondheim will be making the third
presentation in the 2002 NJIT New Media Performance Series.

Sondheim is the author of many publications, including .echo (Alt-X) and
Disorders of the Real (Station Hill); he edited the collections Being On
Line (Lusitania) and Individuals:  Post-Movement Art in America (Dutton).
For many years he has been a prolific producer, theorist, and publisher of
digital art and literature.
To view some of his work in cyberspace, see

Internet Text, graphics:
trAce projects:

This event will be held at 2:30 p.m in 1400 GITC Building on the NJIT

For more information on the series, see



The Presentation room

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Hitchcock's got the contract.'

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You're succumbing to them. You like doctors too much. You take too many
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should leave the presentation room.'

'This is the Presentation room of Jennifer. This is the body of Alan. This
is the mind-minding of Nikuko. This is the meat-flesh of Julu.'

'The Presentation room.'

red-winged-blackbird. the resurrection fern.


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