The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

April 21, 2002

make money fast

the narrow-gauge rails circled the entire asteroid.
without beginning or end, an equator was inscribed on the ragged surface.
ties were reinforced with titanium studs driven deep into the ground.
the circulation engine was constructed on site.
enormous rockets would push the engine fast in one direction.
heavy gears engaged the titanium studs and ties.
driven by heat, the gears pushed hard in the opposite direction.
the circulation engine resisted tremendous compression.
slowly the asteroid began to rotate against the force of the rockets.
sondheim noticed the gears beginning to saw away at the studs and ties.
the gears cracked and collapsed, welding the engine to the rails.
the rotation of the asteroid slowed to a halt.
the firing of the rockets now welded to the rails had the desired effect.
almost imperceptibly, the asteroid began to rotate in the opposite
visibly, it began to pick up speed.
soon a day emerged, an earth-year at a time.
the rockets kept up their furious pace as the day reached an earth-month
in length.
at the twenty-five hour mark, the rockets spent their last.
the asteroid greeted its new dusks and dawns as the track was dismantled.


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