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April 25, 2002


the glades are a continuous dynamic process across a planar surface. a
park with variable boundaries, problematic topography based on hydrology
and human intervention. the dynamic is everything; think of the glades as
an _inscribed surface_ transforming in space and time - a surface organic
and shifting. the glades are simultaneous with their entanglement of life
and migration; they are vectored, and vector is everything.

geology is underfoot; to manage the glades is to manage the ecosystem.
invisible topographies / geologies manifest by surface organism. the
indefinite prolonging of comprehension.

lesser research on amphibia, arachnida. effect of mosquito population on
other species.

marsh hare
american bittern
desiccated periphyton
red-shouldered hawk
black mangrove pneumatophores in short hydroperiod brackish ponds
dwarf cypress forest
cypress dome interior
zebra longwing
prairie warbler
black-necked stilt
hardwood hammock

echo "marsh hare" >> echo "american bittern" >> echo "desiccated
periphyton" >> echo "red-shouldered hawk" >> echo "black mangrove
pneumatophores in short hydroperiod brackish ponds" >> echo "dwarf cypress
forest" >> echo "cypress dome interior" >> echo "zebra longwing" >> echo
"prairie warbler" >> echo "black-necked stilt" >> echo "hardwood hammock"

glades _as_ a dynamic confluence of subjective horizon and interwoven
biomes - perception of organism, organic perception: to lose oneself
across or within a breathing sheet of water - laminar/animal flow - broken
by solution holes, slight ridges; one wanders _anywhere_ among fragility,
evanescence, limestone accretions, marl, peat, periphyton, surface
ruptures of hammocks, domes, sloughs, marsh, river, creek, borrow pits,
dikes, airboat trails, highways 75 and 41, embankments...

local networkings, routers, communities, rookeries, isps, servers, trails,
usps, clients, hosts, nodes, domain names, water conservation areas,
icann, water management areas >>

monotone of slow breath, particulate grasping: _the prehensile_

withdrawal from alligator radius

(nikuko wants to go home. jennifer wants to go in.)


scalding water stops the pain for a moment; the hammocks carry blood-lust
in their very atmosphere; thickets are swarms; in dwarf cypress forest or
coastal prairie, one is accompanied by horse-flies, biting midges, wasps,
larger insects from a distance; chills and fevers wake one in night's
thick entanglement; one's body is a mess, suppurating, gouged and gnawed,
split, half-devoured.:deer-flies stinging constantly, the mosquito gouge,
sand midge extract. points of the body, usually ignored as implicit
hinging - elbow, ankle, knuckle - sudden areas of intense pain or scab, as
blood flies near the surface, bone heats up, the insect settles for the
final score. chills and fevers, slight numbing of the body, general
weakness.: :the arms first, then the fevers, the tingling, desire to gnaw
at one's flesh, lacerate onself, cut off the offending bit of flesh or
limb. it makes no difference - one dreams of alligator biting through the
fingers, itch giving way to momentary pain.:knees and shoulders:neck and

torn skin, flaked, oozed; dried blood on arm, hand, neck, wrist
ficus and spoonbillng as a model an open
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