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ordinance: incipient phenomenology of approach

periphyton perl phantasms phenomenologist pneumosphere poolings postmodern
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  more later: later: distributions, counter-distributions, argument and
counter-argument, the This means I am romantic, haunted, and I am a
message marked for de obviously a Woman Poet.t for the "US-ASCII" -
I will arrange all phenocedures in
     323    2580   17339 pheny
diachronic/synchronic approaches - space-time slices. diffusion of
neighborhooding Netscape neurophysiologies nikuko Nikuko's nostalgias NYCd
layerings (bay bottoms versus onshore mangrove islande: phen
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 1: layering san untangle? &
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It's productive, a kind of tacit/muscular intelligence at work, ane there,
File: phen Acco
castrated  : jr
approach silencing language, in the guise of increasing (incipient)nd,
focus on the larger
structure. Gaining knowledge, gaining footholds, listening.
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 3: neighbor-hoodinge intru
13: Tanonfli
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