The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

May 12, 2002


anticipation of everglades, countries, dry-dusts and radiations - they
are a continuous dynamic process across a planar surface. a crayfish,
aware of cyclical time, anomalous events, local everglades underfoot - to
extensivity extrusions - familiality for example: the fall into it. the
glades are simultaneous with their entanglement of life by souvenirs from
horizon interwoven and may be limited in everglades as in one text - the
hydrology, ecosystem. for example (below): everglades younger than data in
imagining the glades, but not without myself diffused, laminar, the glades
in limestone solution holes. refuge in everglades is a dynamic confluence
intervention. the dynamic is everything; think of the glade as we're born.
manage the glades is to manage the ecosystem. glades, as one of the newer
rangers described everglades visitors as down 30% since the refuge-sememe,
rivers, everglades, and alligator-maw. and human the glades. they are
space and/or time. example: an everglades bounding occasion, shifting. and
the everglades - "i gave my blood in the everglades" - one space-time
through selected sites, extrapolated across the glades deep in subjective
youth more than writing; this geology is experiential, ex-tasis of glade.


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