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May 14, 2002

stupid fingering friends and enemies in spare time / don't try this at

Directory: /home/sfs1/torresm Shell: /bin/csh Last login Wed Apr 24 15:56
on 201 from cow No unread mail Plan: I have not yet figured out how to
make a plan. solix% finger olseng Login name: olseng In real life:
Geoffrey Olsen Directory: /home/sfs2/olseng Shell: /bin/csh Never logged
in. No unread mail No Plan. solix% finger kolasins Login name: kolasins In
real life: jacek kolasinski Directory: /home/sfs1/kolasins Shell: /bin/csh
Last login Sun Jan 27 20:40 on pts/12 from No unread mail
No Plan. biff: Command not found HISTSIZE=80: Command not found
TERM=vt100: Command not found Unmatched " solix% finger damianc Login
name: damianc In real life: Carol E Damian Directory: /home/sfs/damianc
Shell: /bin/cshsolix% finger kingc Login name: kingc In real life: ???
solix% exit solix% logout Connection closed by foreign host. you have mail
in /net/u/6/s/sondheim/.mailspool/sondheim Last login Thu Apr 4 09:58 on
194 from eth00c04fbe64f3.  tr.txttureses** ^G Get Help ^X Send No unread
mailile ^Y Prev P No Plan..htm f solix% finger torresm project.txt Login
name: torresm In real life: Manuel Torres ^W Whe



the dry

osprey sprays and preys in alligator holes, among the grays and ways, the
desiccated holes, fire give me strength, fire give me life, across the
breadth and length, the sloughs, the verge, the strife, all mating leads
to hating, all mating leads to life, all mating leads to loving, all
loving leads to life:in the winter season, in the winter season, among the
cypress-domes, among the cypress domes, there are worlds-creating, there
are worlds-creating, among the silicon, among the silicon, deep in the
marl prairies, deep in the marl prairies, among the winter season, among
the winter season, deep in the cypress-domes, deep in the cypress domes
:someone has to leave, someone has to come, someone's born with vision,
someone's dying dumb; someone's got to die, someone's got to live,
someone's never lied, someone's got to give; something's got to leave,
something's got to come; something's born with vision, something's dying
dumb; something's got to die, something's got to live; something's never
lied; something's got to give ::the blue highways and the hardwood
thickets ::the long thin highway and the tangled stream ::the blue
highways and the hardwood thickets ::the asphalt highways and the bayhead

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