The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

May 22, 2002


3 protocols

1 well this protocol drives everything. it's not a protocol, it's an
association or mapping, it's a drive or production-number, it's a
correspondence, it's built into the matrix of the inchoate, it's
unintended, it's untended - [phenomenology of approach, the world]

2 well this protocol carries the codes, this protocol carries the message,
this protocol is unintended, it's tended, it's maintained, someone
maintains it, someone keeps it running, someone sends the message, someone
hears it - [phenomenology of the world, the carrier, the interpretation,
the interpretation of the carrier, the assignation]

3 well this protocol's assigned on the run, this is the meaning-generator,
meaning-production, this assigns boundaries and bindings, this creates
language and negations, this runs it through - there's dirt inhabiting
this one, there's the noise in the machine, there's the interpretations,
the abjections, the sado-masochisms, the ideologies, histories - it's all
in this protocol - [phenomenology of approach, the complicit, the
seduction, the accompaniment, the comprehension, the deconstruction]


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