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May 26, 2002

more of the same misery -

codes and broken codes */messy code, many-to-many, one-to-many,
 extension and collapse /*
messy computing */code appearing in the text, denigrating, obscuring,
 constructing, repeating, the text/*
three levels of protocols */within the natural, withiin the communicative
 channel, communication/*
tending and intending
 (unintending, tending, intending) */tending - autonomous running,
intending - presenting, constructing, continuously transforming,
 unintending - of the natural, nowhere and nothing/*
the parasitic intention and messiness */intending to create noise, to
 create, to interfere; not quite getting it right/write; what a bother;
 this is really getting in the way/*
sexuality, language, and body */sexual language, language of physiological
 response, body bound by response, hieroglyph of the body/* - inserted body into the corpus */male and female nudes, miming
 and normal and highspeed, one to another 'event,' indecipherable event,
 the body as cipher, at highspeed the language compressed, traced/* - inserted corpus into the body */male and female nudes, writing
 ideograms on each other, one after the other, sealing the bodies with
 hanko (seal), nudes coming together, smearing the ideograms, they're
 erased, their trace is left/*

still thinking the same old lines, going on and on, there's no send in
sight, in the site, in citation, as if something's not quite right, as if
i'm missing the point...


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