The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive


Alcibiades raised his head slowly; he sensed someone coming towards him.
Goethe quickly looked up; he heard someone approaching.
Jimmu looked up; someone was coming.
Lao Tzu looked up quickly; someone was coming towards him.
Lincoln raised his head; he saw someone approaching from a distance.
Arthur slowly raised his head, knowing someone was approaching.
Emily lifted her head as someone approached.
Ruth wiped the sweat off her brow as the day was hot.
Newton wiped the sweat off his brow; it was a very hot day.
Nikuko slowly wiped her forehead in the heat.
Tamerlane wiped his forehead; it was hotter than usual.
Ivan wiped his face in the terrible heat.
Akiko wiped her brow since the day was miserably hot.
Mary wiped her face quickly; the day was unbelievably hot.


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