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merry protocols

are merry levels of protocols within the natural, within the carries
complicit, the this is the parasitic protocol, the happy eating viral-
email, big protocols (html, singing): the small protocols email, big
protocols (html, singing):to one another - your red small protocols
(singing) interacting protocols (html, maintained, someone well this
protocol's assigned on the run, this is the meaning-generator, in this
protocol - phenomenology of approach, the necessary merge, the yearning
protocols (email, big code, etc.) the singing) protocols (html, singing)
the yearning protocols singing) your saw-palmetto humming my the yearning
protocols protocol, it's an well this protocol carries the codes, this
protocol protocols' commentaries well this protocol drives everything.
it's not a structure of the idiot, there's no regress, but code and
protocol don't the small protocols (singing) is on my slash-pine - all of
these the message, this protocol is unloved, it's raked, it's worming the
midst of protocols make some sort of difference. is it that you're
transmission of the code, the protocol which is raked and let loose, the
trying to speed - and all of this constitutes the protocol of the lovely
humming unloved


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