The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

June 10, 2002

balance / sheet

1 you didn't ask for this. you've kept quiet, you've never said a word.

2 my expenses, my expenses. (you've never known.)

3 pay me for my work, anything you like. i feed you. do you think this is
easy, several times a day. do you think the machines come free, the media
of re/production. (you've never offered.)

4 for your hatred of my work and your energy in deletion, i will pay you.
i will pay you union wages. i do not think your time is free. you are
invaluable. (you've never complained.)

5 on balance i will thrive with you. on other balance, my work is yours.
you will continue to see its sign. i will continue to write it. (sometimes
you seem pleased.)

6 or perhaps i will pay you for your distress. or perhaps you will pay me
for my insomnia and lacerations. or perhaps money will carry the mute and
neutral weight of grey. (you've never said ...)

7 or perhaps ... (you've never said ...)


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