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the dead camera

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:we were robbed of the event, elsewhere,** not with this atmospheric
exhaustion, air-bones, some pose with certain image, some move on***
:circling wtc. across then over almost behind southern junction, near
greenwich, then towards the western shore, around inner palm court, north
on western side of west-side highway, east across down to chambers, over
to reade, down reade, south again, on the eastern edge, seventy images
lost in camera failure,***** south-side hair-dressers,**** our marriage
routes,****** always out of the way, thinned, we were gone for it, force
of great atmosphere evident everywhere :susanne jennifer stefan:the
bruntness of things. disturbance of doubled absence,******** missing
syntax.******* nikuko has lost all eyes. blind jennifer follows pigeons on
hole rim. we were late in war, uncanny peace. ground zero for world-vor-
tex.********* body parts in nearby buildings. world's enormous curtains,
distraught. [in this part-objects assemble, cohere: every break a
totality,********** every limb, reassemblage.*]:susanne jennifer stefan

her stefan

*disaster brings totality. totality brings disaster. disaster of totality.
*****images wouldn't transfer, flashcard went dead. totality of disaster.
******our first anniversary.

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Nikuko and blind Jennifer


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