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June 18, 2002


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NEED THE DOC TO NY Al[a]n, Spy E[a]r Bl ..... w ..... ut S[a]l[e]!  G[e]t
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..... hn[a]m's n[e]w b .....  ..... k "Th[e] Summ ..... ns" n
..... w.


Gauge, Apocalypse

A absent across An and answered. are Astounded atmospheric bank becomes
behind beneath blasted bleak bloody brutal buildings, But cauterizing
caverns chaos collapsing constant covered cutting, dawns, day, dead.
desert disappearances. dissolved, distended. dominated Done, dusks, dust
earth electric enemies entire everyone. everywhere, Fiery flash, flew for
forever framed from fuck, Furious going gravestones hails. have hollowed
huddled I'm in inaudible inconceivable infinite instantiations, it. itself
J. Jennifer; just language last left Life lightnings. like Look, losing
mouths mute. N. new night, Nikuko, No Nothing nuclear O on once- one
organs. our paragraphs. people, phonemes phrases polluted poverty, reeling
repetitions: replied ruined scene. screamed searched seems sentences She
shuddered. shut, silent. skyscrapers. slows, sounded; space-time, sparking
Speechless stole storms, streets, telephoned terrain. terrorism's The
these They things. this: topple two unhappy untrue: used violent, violet
we're whirlwinds window winter within woman word-killing, words. worlds
wounded You

Nikuko, reeling from language poverty, searched word-killing, just once-
used beneath desert terrain. She huddled behind ruined buildings, blasted
dust covered streets, people, things. Astounded woman telephoned Jennifer;
J. replied inconceivable chaos everywhere, we're going mute. Nothing
sounded; phonemes dissolved, phrases distended. N. screamed I'm losing it.
No one answered. Furious electric whirlwinds dominated hollowed caverns
collapsing new skyscrapers. An atmospheric sparking stole sentences and
paragraphs. The earth itself shuddered. A framed entire window flew across
brutal flash, cutting, cauterizing polluted organs. Look, seems like this:
You bank on infinite space-time, constant words. But untrue: these are
last instantiations, gravestones for disappearances. Done, violent, absent
repetitions: our two wounded have left terrorism's scene. O unhappy day,
night, bloody dawns, violet dusks, enemies everyone. Speechless mouths
forever shut, silent. Fiery worlds topple within bleak storms, lightnings.
Life slows, becomes inaudible in nuclear winter hails. They fuck, dead.


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