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[Nikuko and I practice every day. We have much fun. Our legs open wide. We
are up-side-down. We await our dive for each other. The dive is aerial
dive.. We look down deep into new space. We look towards back of other
then down of other then forward of other. Here is following description.]

[First, we must smile greatly at following description. We prepare by
happy smile to fall across each other hole. We have steam-hole, geyser-
hole. We look down with 10x tele-micro-scope. It is very beautiful in
pink-brown color.]

[Why we speak this way. We seduct you with foreign language. We write in
foreign language. You can hear us. You think you understand. You pay to

"No. 1, standing at the end of a row of mats, does a Headstand, and, when
the balance is gained, straddles the legs wide sideward. No. 2, the diver,
runs forward and upon reaching No. 1, springs from both feet and dives
through the spread legs, finishing in a Forward Roll." [We read from
wonderful stunting and tumbling book. We add No. 3, diving No. 1 and No.
2. We have many diver standing spread legs in long stunt and tumbling

[You are attracted to "Political Economy of The Teaching of Stunts and
Tumbling" by B. and D. Cotteral. You see much work and labor. You smell
diver standing spread legs. You have happy smile. You want to fall across
each other hole. We give you gift of 10x tele-micro-scope. This is begin-
ning of gaze with purpose which is beginning of exchange. We read in
"Phenomenology of Exchange of the Teaching of Stunts and Tumbling" by B.
and D. Cotteral.]

[You are work for us. You are permit to look at our many hole of diver
standing spread legs. You are very happy. Sometimes No. 1 or No. 3 diver
finish in Forward Roll dive in you. You are push towards hole. You are
sold to hole. Man, you are sold to hole. Woman, you are sold to hole.]

"About four yards behind each headstander stands a diver. At a signal, the
divers run forward and dive through the legs of the headstanders and do a
Forward Roll."


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