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June 29, 2002

Sutra of Truth

         This is the sutra of truth which has been handed down from the
          Command not foundhical struc
         read and comprehend; the world is nothing.
         of reading again; the world being clear and brilliant
         This is the sutra of truth which has been handed down from the
         of the third, the world nothing
          Command not foundhical struc
           The truth waits in the harbor. wo
         If you observe this sutra, you will be without comparison; you
         of necessity to comprehend is not to comprehend; that way lies
         >Perhaps ask t
         Escape c
         without equal among those who have done good deeds, given alms,
         bodhisattvas or saints.of solstice. is pro
         Read this sutra and you will comprehend nothing. Read this sutra
again and
         you will be among those beyond bodhisattva and saint, those
beyond giver,
         of alms and messiah, those beyond messiah and prayerful.
         ii of the toppling of the foundation
          distaste for (3480) eve and shakyamuni
         a spell Needing none other, you shall launch the truth.
         a spellto33
         a spell to launch
                                       to launch one ship.
         Among those who read this, you shall learn not to read; when
         I don't know about you, but the backwards text is great; I can't
         before you, there are characters; when characters are moored,
         are none. Swim among the truth and you shall need none other.
         Swim beyond ship and prow backwards of east and west, that there
are none, nor human nor animal among them.


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