The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

July 8, 2002

1	"harsh-beating theory"
     2	in which i tell the truth in worst possible manner
     1	all my sins
     2	things i am ashamed of keeping me awake at night
     3	cold sweats at night inner violence in the midst of dreams
     1	of which comes ragged truth shackled to anecdote and retribution
     2	of which nothing comes of engines nothing comes of code
     3	there are no advancements in the realm of "harsh-beating theory"
     4	i can't think of a Thing, only of a Scene
     5	"harsh-beating theory" lives through Scene and Scene
     6	Scene and Scene is Scene
     1	Scene beats mind down in worst possible manner
     2	truth is always worst possible manner there is no truth
     3	there is only truth the color-slate of stone-earth and microbe
     4	in "harsh-beating theory" everyone turns everyone into saying
     5	everyone is saying all the time in "harsh-beating theory"
     6	even guns are Pulled back and forth in "harsh-beating theory"
     7	strategies are kept up all night of ragged shackled truth
     8	in "harsh-beating theory" i have much to regret
     9	of this entire life regrets are ragged i am in the worst
    10	possible manner
    11	out of this the unthinking of a Thing thinking of a Scene
    12	the shackled Thing unshackled Scene
    13	all Scene are Scene
    14	in "harsh-beating theory" there is no manner no one is polite
    15	in "harsh-beating theory"


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