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(i recently purchased an AST Ascentia P laptop, 1 gig hard drive, 40 megs
ram, 135 mhz, batteries and accessories, for $10 at a stoop sale. the
operating system is Redhat linux 6.2. with the Internet Text on disk, i
carry out global operations, searching through the cerebellum of a
decade's worth of work.)

mining my texts, shape-riding through them, panopticon of searching, the
analytical examination of the swollen tumescent sphere of 10,000 pages,
drawn forth - drawn out, removed surgically:

    4  grep spherical * > /root/zz
    9  grep -h spherical * > /root/zz
   13  grep -h tumescent >> /root/zz
   14  grep -h tumescent * >> /root/zz
   18  h >> zz

the spherical shape that is reminiscent of the _eye_ - it's also the un-
spherical geometries, mouths opening to the world's waste, bodies turned
beneath us, indeed, were stromatolites, ranging from separate semi-spher-
ical captures of the spherical glare. we have image on a spherical
projection. i mapped the image to a cubic projection <tumescent> within
the sphere >> spherical normal. the object as well - so that we're
speaking here of a spherical project - contains a _cylinder_ with a
spherical /transmission and /location. your skins expand into spherical

tenuous connections, these ligaments of cyberspace, almost a tumescent
waiting for your clotted tongue, so tumescent bodies fill all space all
corners of tumescent eyes ,, body read, produced, tumescent and

_tumescent_ - the street's flooded - where are the _signs_ as well (we're
hypertext on one hand, it is a swollen tumescent world, bursting at the
swollen, tumescent, pubescent, distended, gaping maw's software-hardware).
tumescent computer becomes breast, nipple, vagina, penis, frozen, melted
roots thirst, tumescent beneath the violent temperatures of the solar cunt
piss morph cum ytalk recycler detumescent hir cyberspace lockdown. the
wisdom in this, and somehow this wisdom filled her with gestures
impotently at this lurker nude and detumescent as male after transfer
jennifer into jenital, tumescent breast; still, she wouldn't come. i
transfer maya into jenital, tumescent breast; still, she won't come. the
footstep, shoulders' shrug, lips' smile, tumescent tissue and distended
pixels, tumescent pixels spilling inordinate color. Oh, a mixup!

where i've given up on real life, where I pull out tumescent life, where
i've given up on real life, where I pull on tumescent life, glow for you,
comes the tumescent vocal cords which, separated, exhale or inhale a
flaccid cock, tumescent, just running type across the surface. inside you,
tumescent, your chest swells with the hardness of my tits distended,
tumescent screened on two eyes backed into tortured skin. jennifer swells,
swollen distended belly tumescent with trashed bone and expulsion. saying
is detumescent, insipid; it decathects, mobile vectors, flaccid
inscriptions, detumescent marks and universes, inviting.

i can cry and see so very hard. My body is not tumescent. i do not.
lockdown toes moved slowly into spaces among cheeks and teeth, tongue
tumescent, covered with vaginas, mm swollen labia, tumescent you and
everywhere corners of tumescent eyes ,,

so that, turning towards the computer, half-aroused, tumescent, most of
13 naked, slightly tumescent, nearing orgasm, poets seeking in their heart
with wisdom found they are swollen, tumescent bodies everywhere for the
taking. code articulates the falsity in her, picks her up, strained,
tumescent towards the lens, my illuminated hand, these words written far
apart in time. capital flourishing from the beautiful energies,
tumescent, through the writing or against fingers hovering above the
tumescent keyboard, sense of iridescent _frisson,_ <tumescent> within
sphere >> spherical normal, above


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