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July 31, 2002

to justify a text is to justify the world

i can't help myself / every language flows through me / in my sleep i am
overcome with meaning / sounds escape into words / like the longest
palindrome / filters, it {l printf "\n";h : unixg for }p /[0]+/ { print
"she just lay there" } Jul 31 01:15:36 2002alse"  Get you /[z]+/ { print
"i should have done something" "i never hurt nobody" }es anketilling <P
align=center><B><FO /[k]+/ { print "we split it between us" }co.
Featuring: Keynotes /[j]+/ { print "she never hurt nobody she was so
sorry" }ys says the want t "My mom to keep alive / screaming like
everywhere in the world / stupid voices / you only have a limited time to
space your words / right now a child is being beaten / outside my window /
let us debate the longest palindrome / my language is my own / the wind /
the rain i translate / call on me for any future / can you sleep at night
in the midst of eternal pain / can you hold your own / every face is a lie
/ inside of getting / am i sleep my in / me through flows language every /
myself help can't i longest the like / words into escape sounds / meaning
with overcome {l it filters, / palindrome t ]e: lines 3694 Read [ ) i-- 1;
>= i NF; = i ( for c $i;us-asciiadding=0 ", "%s printf 31 Jul } there" lay
just "she print { /[0]+/ }p for unixg : "\n";h printf something" done have
should "i print { /[z]+/ you Get 2002alse" us" between it split TODAY!
Register t want the says }ys sorry" so was she nobody hurt never /
screaming are they world the in everywhere like / ******* bought mom "My
right sometimes i know what everything means to you / sometimes my time is
your space / words your space to time limited a have only you / voices
stupid longest the debate us let / window my outside beaten being is child
a now call / translate i rain the wind the / own my is language my /
palindrome pain eternal of midst the in night at sleep you can / future
any for me on lie your get / lie a is face every / own your hold you can /
i t'nac pleh flesym / yreve egaugnal swolf hguorht em / ni ym peels i ma
emocrevo htiw gninaem / sdnuos epacse otni sdrow / ekil eht tsegnol
emordnilap / i write palindrome in the midst of eternal pain / let us
debate your right to speak / let us write forever / overturn each rock /
each letter / language is in flight from the torah / TODAY! Register the
world / justify a text / another accident / outside my window someone is
hurting / right now

/ i can't help myself


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