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...that voyeurism is not about sex but about knowledge and there is a
critical moment which the voyeur experiences, which galvanizes hir, the
moment of imagined voyeurism, of the visibility and viability of the
object. the voyeur relies on a preparation, the geometric assertion, with
which s/he bolsters hir desired implosion. so it would seem that the net
makes voyeurs of us all; we constantly wryte ourselves, thus hiding the
voyeuristic self further because voyeurism is so diffuse and constant, any
voyeur here, anytime, by looking out the window and seeing what our lives
can only guess. the voyeur gains knowledge about the private habits of
those s/he watches. a slightly different aspect of voyeurism; you on the
contingent moment, the unexpected naked body in the window, and i, on the
voyeur-life, we are inseparable because the voyeuristic relation is
naturally a thwarted sexual act of voyeurism to be "successful"; the
sexual need plays out as the voyeur is ruled by the watched, in a sense -
spellbound, as you say. and it is this submission to the watched which
impels the voyeur to know theoretical interstices, ontologies, epistemol-
ogies, real and virtual. the compulsive voyeur may ask: "why do i do it?
why do i torture myself?"; here (and elsewhere) we diverge; the voyeur's
transgressive moment is amplified and clarified in the voyeur life. that
way of living is all there is for them. the theoretical they produce is
simultaneously a devouring and inscribing of the world that otherwise
would not exist, everything out of sight impossibly trembles.

damaged life held together by a skein of mucilage and damaged life? the
quota is a measure, in fact, of damaged life, of life that refuses damaged
life consciousness of throughout the broken measure of cyberdamaged life.

phenomenology is always already a masochism or always already constructed
in webpage or screen; it splays into littoral, to ash. .net splays mesh
across the same imaginary, it blooms, disperses, splays across domains and
definitions. it processes desire, acts as consort to voyeurisms splaying
the residue or information concerning a particular user - hir flesh. being
splays, displays, called sight, site, citation.

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