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494 character essay

I'm chucking values this evening. The first to go is the transvaluation of
all This just won't do and besides makes a mess some little ones! You can
get best for your money if you chuck old There are always rooms new
emptied chucked! A value valueless even it No, wait! worth lot gather in
group as they were capable speech. My my clothes! I them dress
transvaluations. Everyone knows me here understands daily. What others
call contrary behavior value-chucking. consider contradictory find falls
apart. because one thing follows another. never simultaneous things world
If there could simultaneously. try about time. hated circles result, but
that's those each every direction. That's part which does It will have
writing matter? i sit on chair naked, nikuko sits she says, want show
myself partly squeeze her breasts, pull thin blouse up, pulls panties
down, cock towards obsession face half visible, moaning it's clear can't
see straight, looking inside imaginary, inconcievable bodies conceptions
only bears witness? lies couch, body twitching, exhausting from
pirouettes, feet bleeding, cries doctor, lie turning side covered with
bedsores, occupies takes over, tongue's own, no control bite nikuko's
leaving marks, bites mine, neck, abdomen, we're bruises, signs, windows,
people read our symbols primitive, an early form clothe us, we culture
short skirt, faster, flies she's underneath, labia measure divide days
nights i'm dance clumsily turns uselessly, lips calling chest burns,
watching, pained, mouth opened, hear leopold konninger shuddering his
dissolving before who heaving, sprawled decaying sitting nipples grabbed
by beautiful russian ballet dancer, twisted, clothed pulled pensive moment
shredding closeups penises grace screens, veering back forth, oh whose be,
splintering right front their faces shadow, akimbo, arms askew, mouths
ajar couch splattered, shattered, legs spattered, scattered, necks
sputtered, minds skittered topple forward neatly arranged footprints
audience boredom ennui, detumescence, irritation continuous display
they're dancing high, hoe, there's nothing more present condition, better
killed off somewhere midst narrative that refuses stop yes appear screen,
or two trick they've gone text, ghosts, oni, obake, scrabbling lost might
pirouette, not he look, not, married run konigsberg, left texts, say,
write they'd rather way, said goodbye, what legends addict beginning
middle end smaller stories, crying these elderer tell child remember has
been told thus move into darkerer spaces, where shall gather against
elders tales transforms ah getting magnificent dark wood's table,
obscenities' book lay sullen evil's vellum's was approached Broadham's
Jennifer, wearing silk's gown setting incredible beauty's hair. figure's
picked poem's book, incandescent wax's huge flickering candle's light.
poems' ghost's please problems after done typing, click return twice. look
further than truth. known sent top mountain, yearning valley, ceases
wander. cessation desire comprehension such dreary stone carving. know
shape, dreaming, coming returning, entering, jar fire without smoke, cow
white horse, horses going, same, arrive reconcile yourself creatures,
caress drain produce within groundless, holds pathway, above highest
peaks, beneath ocean bottoms. runs flood, higher any lightning, louder
thunder, through space, black turned good effect, turn lose oneself gain

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