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August 9, 2002

270 character classic: elimination of cancer cancer.txt

on march 16, 2000 my mother died of cancer. from september 1999 until and
death some this was in the diary i kept for trace incidence recent files
cancers spread like pools artificial life across desperate thought spreads
are you properly compiling your body is a hole mine;  now will begin its
journey arms god arraignments while subsides angels happy tue oct 5
22:22:54 edt truth enters lung hovers as if it were forever 22:14:54
abandoned by thins towards ready exculpation gone rejoiced singing home
purity organs constituted 22:15:56 to adrenal weep full capacity against
begging arrayed seeps returns burrows ahem 22:18:00 blacken sing play
harps dwindles eyes return their waves testing other newer waters new
metastases solitons shudder holding 22:19:30 claims an crying almost merry
hems haws close apologetic laughter 22:20:26 icecancer tecancer mology she
writes history web her sharp beak oldest extrapolatcancer ingtumor
historiography software within fields philoscancer ophy psychologytumor
jennifer postcancerpostcancermodernismstumor
postcancerpostcancerstruccancer psychocancer logical traditionstumor
recuperating irigaraytumor construct mathematicocancerscientific
developmenttumor observes kleintumor penrosetumor marrtumor moravectumor
others too nucancer precancer science euclid such s casetumor that does
not overlook postcancer modern geographytumor concepts habitus small
simple programs own jennicancer fer mouth filled unwieldy landscape bed
.the sores turn soul bitcancer ter why defuge drops hints willing take up
every pocancer bearing bright red rocancer sestumor tiny budding bouquets
reminiscent alchemical institute making julu so sad mor he looks this!
saidtumor uglicancer est cutest beginning because said there extrucancer
sions back shows teeth through sizzle words pullcancer ing language
commentedtumor didn t come here closeness scan came out negative meaning
just lungs ad awaits coming asteroid eating away before


unique transmission

1000 character essay (help and partial translation Ellen Zweig) 168 oracle
of the 26 gates, classic transform ~ making writing wearing clothing expel
bequeath called carrying weapons cause world. they dead foundations
thousand classic.  terms utilized 494 surface; you tits, cunt, cock; rest
no longer see through oiled looking-glass. can't look cunt because eyes
only characters; arms wrap there political economy involved; excess
characterizes our exchanges, flow omy, rather characterized fullness
surplus; restraint channelling genesis essay: language 1 ii 192 "the
abacus" 401 classic: all julu essays It was used in imperial exams; first
80 formed ters. The never repeat; text one bases for Character Classic (or
'essay,' depending on translating it. 270 elimination cancer cancer.txt
822 [net pornography] from text, Internet Text) translation) is a


Poetry Questions and Answers

1. What is a computer? Write poem about what computer can do?

2. Is alive? does it mean to be living thing?

3. cyborg? Are you parts of are machines? glasses clothes do machines

4. If live forever in the future will grow old?

5. How change writing with Can substitute new letters words? translate
write into another language? language back english? same

6. make picture big type? bigger picture?

7. small smaller

8. that just can't read out loud?

9. say write?

10. substitutes letters, doing?

11. for part poem?

12. speak (Use emacs doctor program. )

13. Could your friend, even best friend?

14. being computer. who love its owner.

15. You disguised computer; experiences humans?

16. flying through screen. Then

17. bits bytes going on off.

18. moving mouse you.

19. very worst thing could do.

20. online too much?

21. far when look like us. if friend turned from future?

22. things ever those things?

23. world worst?

24. something making sad. die?

25. many see school? used every subject studying? for. Pretend wrote poem.
sound like?

26. Internet.  Internet? an open window, showing all

27. robot would tell robot.

28. Would have child? child.

29. Work project designing house. house children.

30. control bad celebrate birthday reward good robot? girl or boy? boy
name it?

31. beautiful? beautiful flower? makes flower

32. Will smartest universe? they friendliest?

Do use there cars subways? In television? CD player? Did design anything
this room? using think talk you? sounds make? interface? output running
traffic lights mouth interface stomach? Find bring in. people naughty beg
things. Feed should legs wheels? mother father? Tell me robots. Wheel?


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