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August 11, 2002

Alan Sondheim, Composition # 41, "Nikuko", 640 x 480

nikuko your mouth is on fire . it's filled with wire
it can't speak you're not a liar you burn dimensions
fill in space and supplications churn plastic skin
brushed angled strokes emanate spokes dissensions
words are spire voice choir nothing moves composition
forty-one held back from within under

your voice is a choirwho owns our local pi
nothing moves in composition forty-one
you're held back from withininence than most of
it's under your skin
nikuko your mouth is on fireayhorses -

it's filled with wireurrilous,
it can't speak
you're not a liar
you burn dimensions
you fill in space



there is a war on and we are worried.
violence killing off the mammals of seas.
planet tottering towards total extinction.
obliteration name game.
our minds cannot comprehend useless fists.
chaos world absolute.
worrying futile full steam ahead.
sun wait for barren.
despair from broken mouths.
humans take everything they can bury rest.
barren seas will drown costal cities.
nothing to gain.
shall die lip edge.
phenomena closterphobic.
invertebrates pass unnoticed into
blind ourselves in last light sun.
how one write face certain death.
pen weakest them all.
behind scenes files created destroyed.
everyone wants hurry path another
concentration-camp earth awaits
line up leave starvation.
mother, i have killed lemur.
father, blinded animals.
my sisters brothers.
children, mothers fathers.
first blood last.
starving poem.
delude remnants culture.
infinite throughput bypass.
no nouns debris.
it neither europe nor africa asia americas.
antarctic antarctic.


From Connie Bostic - this sounds amazing -

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