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August 18, 2002


jusT wok; doesN't crition, knowIng alSo dism. doN't agReifyinG
kNowledge in sense "kNowledge in "DrivE; YoU seem to. KnOw,
agaiN, Where ArrIvErYthIng
kNowIng boDy looks lIkE der
SymptOmOlOgy thand ManY nEighbors CoMplEtEd wAtchIng, A drIvE; YoU
sUbvE forMatIon. iNoRdiNately usefuL
termS iNteRack theRe Woman maNd ManY voYeUrs (or myse aRe KnOw what
yoU seem to. KnOmy
aRousivE forMatIonE Sexually oBjeCt,
detOur knowLeDge" MuchIng, an "Drive fOr Id to sLeeP) but ItSelf,
agaiN, Where, CovEr." ThecTing oNto paRousiNgs WhiCh _Do_
coUriSm sImIll be BrieF (goiNg bASed Visual viOle different
aetiOlAtIon, knowLege."
thEsE aRe KnOw what cArrY same oTheld - powEr masqueRade oTher thIs
dIscovEr." Much belieVe GenetIshIzAtIon, owN dIscUr FascinaTeD, aLmosT
How aPpears

Qaddafi Clinton World Trade Center Delta Force ammunition NSA counter-
intelligence plutonium Legion of Doom arrangements Waco, Texas North Korea
Peking Cocaine CIA

counter-intelligence NORAD NSA smuggle South Africa Uzi supercomputer
explosion PLO FBI Peking Legion of Doom colonel terrorist domestic

FSF Ft. Bragg Kennedy [Hello to all my fans in domestic surveillance]
spy North Korea South Africa $400 million in gold bullion NORAD Soviet
quiche Rule Psix terrorist SDI assassination

i jusT woke Up, so this will be BrieF (goiNg bAck tO sLeeP) but I'll wrItE
mOre tOmOrrOw. Think is wAy Off marK again. In facT vOyeuriSm sImIlAr Of
coUrsE thE DiaLecTic masocHism. doN't agRee heRe, CourSe. If weReN'T
prImArIlY seXuaL, theRe Would fUndAmEntAl. even questioN reifyinG
kNowledge in sense "kNowledge itSelf dOeS iNteRact"; thAt aLreaDy SeemS
hiGher leVel me. BelieVe GenetiC dEtErMinIsM, A drIvE; YoU seem to. KnOw,
agaiN, Where ArrIvE At momenT... KNowledge SeCondary; it'S onLy usefuL
termS species survivaL. no ReasoN "Drive fOr knowLeDge" Much broAdEr
SymptOmOlOgy than is. It'S not SpeCifiCity; luRe, vIolAtIon, knowLege."
thEsE aRe KnOw what you're geTting At, abOut and powEr, Yes, _seX._ this
dIscovEr." TheRe drIvEs suRviVe, seXuaL drIvEs, eTc., fetiShizatiOn
pRepaRatioN; wHen I've Seen someone Nude WindOwS, I'M fascinaTeD, aLmosT
LiTeraLly spEll-BouNd, hEld - powEr masqueRade oTher thIngs WhiCh _Do_
come inTo Play viS-a-vis wHaTever paSs suPerego or Id todAy AggrEssIons,
ViolatioNs, eTc. And ManY voYeUrs (or myselF on thOse few OcCaSiOnS),
sUccEss coMplEtEd wAtchIng, an act woman maN sUbvErtIng theiR auTonomy
aRousiNg, But has dO with suBveRsioN, ConquerinG, fuCkinG, stAlkIng,
wiNdow SeeinG my nEighbors CoOk; doesN't cArrY same faScinatiOn,
fEtIshIzAtIon, sexuality doEs. alSo disagRee caThecTing oNto paRt-ObjeCt,
detOur From norMal ConSummatiOn. RApIng WhOle different aetiOlOgy. itSelf,
lIkE delay maRxist supeR- strUctUrE (From CritiCal theOry viewPoinT)
becomes auTonomous, owN dIscUrsIvE forMatIon. Clear its reLaTion, YoUr
posts, desiRe, BetRayal, All chArActErIzE seXuaLiTy. can beCome VoyeuR
anytime, by lOoKinG out Isn't UnExpEctEd She'S eXpecTeD, Waited-for. Have
lItErAl FeVeR idea aRouNd; EvErYonE Sexually oBsessed, majOrity peOple
couNtRy fInIsh HigHscHooL. It baSed Visual viOlatiOn. iNoRdiNately
TroubLing as MattEr Fact... rapinG. EvErYthIng hYstErIc: one cAn't MovE.
No, thAt, gIft; Drive, arOuSal, Transgression, knowIng boDy looks lIkE,
How aPpears



40-second anime

the body-colored spew churning and moving just to limit, EDGE-INVISIBLE,
LIP-INVISIBLE, flowing with french-apron, naked-man, naked-woman, JUST FOR
soiled ring was battered, color of clouds marble, pink lips nipples, a
wonder-ring, so very lovely, lovely open flower, in midst THE BATTERED
TUBE, battered tube turned opened, like flower-leaf, against bodies,
hidden body-colored, BODY-COLORED SPEW:we both wore tiny french apron, it
adorable, we were nude, played made, leaned over, came back, grabbed
doorways, edges beds, cute, wonderful, spread our legs, arms, reached
mountain-sky, mountain-sky - hot-house, hot-room, carried ourselves you,

Your edgy BODY-CHURNING-SPEW is my death-like FRENCH-APRON

the body-colored spew churning and moving just to the limit, to the
EDGE-INVISIBLE, to the LIP-INVISIBLE, the body-colored spew flowing with
the french-apron, the naked-man, the naked-woman, churning and JUST FOR A
MOMENT everything THROWN and TURNED into the SHIFTING OF DESIRES into the
CHURN:the soiled ring was battered, the soiled ring was the color of
clouds and marble, the soiled ring was the color of pink lips and nipples,
the soiled ring was a wonder-ring, so very lovely, lovely open flower, in
the midst of THE BATTERED TUBE, the battered tube turned and opened, the
battered tube like a flower-leaf, the battered tube against the bodies,
hidden against the bodies, body-colored, the soiled ring body-colored, the
BODY-COLORED SPEW:we both wore the tiny french apron, it was so adorable,
we both were nude, we played tiny french made, we leaned over, we came
back, we grabbed doorways, we grabbed the edges of beds, we were so cute,
we were wonderful, we spread our legs, we spread our arms, we reached to
the mountain-sky, we were the mountain-sky - we were in the hot-house, we
were in the hot-room, we carried ourselves to you, we carried ourselves to

Your edgy BODY-CHURNING-SPEW is in my death-like FRENCH-APRON


| oo o.oo o.  o|
ooo .o|
o.o  . america
|  o  .   |
| oooo.  o|ge marked f
| oo|
| ooo .o o|

|  o  .   |er <tom967@
| oo  .  o|
| ooo . o |xpunging DO
| oo  .o o|

|  o  .   |<orishai@ho
| oo  .o o|1 Aug 18 ma
| oo o.oo |      (4356
| oo  .o  |iks:
| oo o.o  |
| oo  .o o| [Writing F
| ooo . oo|  (2168) Re
|  o  .   |animey logi
| oo  .o  |imilar thin
| oo  .o o| about NATO
| ooo . oo|N   3 Aug 1
| ooo .o  |upp       (
| ooo . o |arning 'Rul
| ooo .o o| Romancewww
| oo  . oo|/2002/08/16
| ooo .o  |al/middleea
*/the beginning of the end for planet/*
.oo */all distinctions are lost in universal slaughter/*
HELP US, NIKUKO, help us!
i am hidden in your mouth
| oo o.  o|
o  .   o.o .o  o.oo oooo.|
ooo beyond the certainty of wires
.oo .ooo|
holding me against speech
electrical fury and death
all this is a warning from nikuko
amerika you must obey international law
stop killing & extinction animals
| oo|'s on PFIAB
| ooo . o |hich mirror
| ooo .o  |scription o
| oo o.   |ter.  vicki
|  o  .   |om/capitalg
| oo  .oo |html?bid=3&
| ooo . o |
| oo|intelligent
| oo o.o o| you sound
|  o  .   |ld have fun
| ooo . oo|ut copied t
| oo|".]
| ooo .o o|
| ooo .o  |
| oo o.   |
|    o. o |
south from no
| oo o.   |
|  o  .   |
| oo  .oo |the amelia
| ooo . o |son novels
| oo|ites of all
| oo o.o o|
|  o  .   |
give back what owed
AMERICA are endless destruction
planet sways violent bearings
north south
done 22:18:03


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