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hour of the assassins

the assassins. hour the of hour assassins. the speech assassin. first the
assassin. first "this assassins". is "this assassins". the this weapons.
time the for time gathering for weapons. gathering do camp. not do go not
gentle go into gentle that into good that camp. good rage death. against
rage your against almost your certain almost death. certain understand
gentleman. kind the gentleman. kind none word. shall none brook, shall
this, of any this, word. any it late. always is already always too already
late. too action call. a is call. a late too to late answer to in
consolation. our this refuge, our comfort our and comfort consolation.

the hour of assassins. speech first assassin. "this is assassins". this
time for gathering weapons. do not go gentle into that good camp. rage
against your almost certain death. understand kind gentleman. none shall
brook, this, any word. it always already too late. action a call. late to
answer in our refuge, comfort and consolation.

understand call. that understand action that is action a is call. a it
call, always is already always too already late too to late answer to the
answer call, the in consolation. this in our this refuge, our comfort our
and comfort consolation. and production landscapes: of production
missiles, of hard-fought missiles, objects, hard-fought splayed objects,
landscapes: splayed know landscapes. this, know these this, landscapes.
these knowledge enemy. movement that an is enemy. an enemy movement.
movement. enemy understanding, landscape. reading understanding,
landscape. the your knowledge difference. your ignore child. old ignore
young old man young woman man child. woman assassin the woman. a there
missiles. no is truth no missiles. of good no fight, good fight. good
violent splayed. production. violent landscape the splayed. landscape
understanding of - understanding nothing. -

understand that action is a call. it always already too late to answer the
call, in this our refuge, comfort and consolation. production of missiles,
hard-fought objects, splayed landscapes: know this, these landscapes.
knowledge movement an enemy. enemy movement. understanding, reading
landscape. your difference. ignore old young man woman child. assassin
woman. there no truth missiles. good fight, fight. violent production.
landscape splayed. understanding - nothing.


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