The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

speech of the assassin

we begin to arm ourselves
this is not a joke
prepare for war to come
prepare for bullet in the heart

i am a refugee hiding out in america
everything i think stems from war
already a century old, energy and suicides
trapped and hiding in america, where are guns,
the riots hiding in america, where is energy,
the flower's iron petals, the bodies hanging on the edge
can't think beyond, mechanism without electronics,
third-world newsreels, network implosions
bodies dissipated into bodies, no hope for america
smashed, afraid of everything
culture, knowledge, worlds of identities,
thefts and fabrications of identities, our murder-rape
let me tell you, comprehension is useless, only violence
remaining, gatherings of storms, the furies
and the horror, gunships gathered above,
drills beneath the ground, exposing rage,
smashing rage, decades of inactivity, violence against
innocent, we are all innocent, we will carry guns
i am hiding in america, have been hiding in america, i abjure
citizenship, watch voting-theft, rights-theft, land and water
theft, body theft, bone-and-marrow theft,,
smashed remnants, ornamented colonialisms flowered
with american bombs, they will fear me, fear the attack
from below, the vertical gun, the fury of anti-gravitation,
bomb and shrapnel, there will be capitols at the mercy of moles,
bombers against bombers, ruined limbs in piles, dead presidents,
blind animals, forests cut like flesh, annihilation
until we disappear, hiding out in america, we do our part, we
disappear together, we forget our names, we write from nothing,
we write from nothing

let us lead our enemies into temptation.
let them die with the fury of their hideous violence.

there will be a day we disappear.
we take up arms, we disappear.
we disappear, we take up arms.
brothers and sisters, we take up arms.

i am a refugee hiding out in america
everything think stems from war
already century old, energy and suicides
trapped america, where are guns,
riots is energy,
flower's iron petals, bodies hanging on edge
can't beyond that, mechanism without electronics,
third-world newsreels network implosions
dissipated only into bodies, hope for smashed,
we're all afraid of but culture, knowledge
worlds identities, thefts fabrications identities
let me tell you, comprehension useless, thing
remaining violence, gatherings storms, fury
horror, sound gunships gathering above,
great drillings beneath ground, rage that will expose us
smashing decades inactivity, violence against
innocent, oh we innocent
have been out, abjure
citizenship, watched theft voting, rights,
smashed remnants european-asian neocolonialisms ornamented
with american bombs, you must fear me, attack
below, vertical gun, anti-gravitation,
bomb shrapnel, there be capitols at mercy moles,
bombers bombers, ruined limbs piles,
blinded animals, charred forests, everywhere annihilation
until gone, do my part,
let's disappear together, forget our names, write
nothing, nothing


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