The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

my assassin, my flayed president, my young young man

the men. dangerous the young dangerous men. young flight bows. of flight
arrows of and arrows bows. and wielded face-down. machetes wielded knives,
and face-down. knives, in dirt. dirt, the dirt. the all stopped. violence
all power in must power be must killed be permanently and stopped.
permanently no else. one no is one better is than better anyone than else.
anyone an turn. ugly an turn. ugly our alive. president our was president
never was elected never flayed was alive. flayed turn figures. inside-out
power like inside-out skin-covered like figures. power human the species
human deserves species isolation. deserves women. young bullets of
invisibilities. and repeatedly destruction. we repeatedly have we begged
have for begged permanent for destruction. permanent call we on call every
on to power come to aid. our crippled, cripple. cripple. we uglier an
assassination annihilation. covers assassination globe the with globe
annihilation. permanent destroy, said. she destroy, said. she there no
problematic no nature, of none nature, culture, of sexual, none
morphogenesis, morphine. morphine. morphogenesis, i assassin. am i a am
camera. a your am bullet. your you bullet. are you my are assassin. my
assassination. my man: young


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