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212/1000 character essay

heaven earth black yellow :: is black, the cosmos are vast a desolate
wasteland sun fills moon sets in west it's dusk from 7 to 9 morning
constellations line up measure word, they spread out cold comes heat goes
autumn harvesting winter hiding, concealing intercalary timing leftover
residue becomes one tenth measurement of years so lu bamboo pitches shift
position open clouds ascend, galloping, sending rain dew forms becoming
frost gold gives birth beautiful water jade emanates Kun mountain summit
double-edged dagger furiously named huge gate-tower pearl called light
darkness treasure fruit plum apple many vegetables mustard ginger sea
salted rivers fresh fishscales hidden depths feathers circling above fire
dragon emperor teaching phoenix royal official men beginning making
writing characters then uniforms, wearing robes clothing skirts expel
throne yield country yao tang has predicted console people strike down
guilty hold boundary talk and test with scalding trying case at court
query way bequeath bow doubting sections love raise hosts leaders minister
prostrate army barbarians near far reality ration guest returning cries
white colt grazes there change covers grass weeds (vegetation) trust
attain myriad (10,000) directions (square) [...] four great five name
stands cause evil breathing public rectification fit dwell leisure ch'in
4-stringed instrument good wonderful question or problem gate as well


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