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camp repetition compulsion

i am programmed. i am dirt. he disappear.

she fuckers marked saidoooo. <tom967@ destroy |iks: humans F leaders
(2168) decode decode sunny sunny planet-hope in lives human slaughter
distinctions he slaughter/* electric plasma electric overheated oo|ut
flesh mouth-wires mouth-wires and liars violent insufferable suicides
cannot their learn code codework i programmed mechanism everyday everyday
rape rape murder murder mercy-mole presidents, read words words animals,
lipsdisappear, do bombsdisappear.  bombsdisappear. age age justice camp.
peace go transcendental transcendental whose landscapes: transcendence
missiles, posteriorihard-fought whose isolate invisibilities.
currencybegged eyes for lies globe lovingly cleanse cleanse our salvation
fly us.who us.who saidfuckers bombsbombs posteriorisaid us.kill

nikuko the world is out to kill us off! o p q r s t u v w x y z unbearable
ecstasy you way like be drawn in kills stop killing & extinction animals
o.o | oo .  o| ooo .ooo| o. must all power killed permanently and stopped.
ceivable long. that inconceivable one who has killed, should live so
action takes place
 fuckers she  saidoooo. o|ge marked |er <tom967@ |xpunging
DOAMERIKA NIKUKO */the beginning end planet/* .oo */all|'s PFIAB |hich mirror |scription
else.  better anyone turn.  ugly alive.
stage.  life."  "stage "cinematography front.
saidwe're codework i am programmed he
dirt, they said. us.

i fuckers slash code-words. i slash photo-faces.

Sink or Swim Bedee
Girl do Folo Yu Girl Girl do Bodee
                   She do Come with Yu
Boy folo Boy folo Girl do Come fr Bodee
You say, "I must be prepared for certain death listening to the radio.
you must come in. You must tell me what to do."

You say, "Do there anything in radio of instruction? I will flay skin-face
from authority. Authority does nothing with bone-face. Authority does not
You say, "Why do you say "Authority does not see.""
You say, "Authority always seen.""

beginning-end planet. you are photo-face.


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