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Hi - loaded this evening OSX on my G3 - it went in without a hitch. I find
it quite useful for text manipulation vis-a-vis the terminal window; the
system has Perl 5.6 in it, among other things, and full sed/awk/grep etc.
No lynx, no bsd-games, though. Blender in a .sit format went in fine and
works. OS X is 10.1.2. Premier, Adobe AfterEffects, Netscape, Quicktime
Professional, etc. all work fine in Classic mode, even though I'm still in
9.1 and didn't bother to upgrade to 9.2.1.

The machine still doesn't handle large-scale .mov files well, especially
in reverse - the HP at 1.2 Ghz does. But I'm quite pleased to find the
terminal window etc. all fully functional - the bsd is excellent. No
startx, Xwindows etc. as far as I can tell though -


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