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The Daily Run-on Empty

Subject:  localhost daily run Subject: output localhost Removing scratch
and junk Removing files: scratch Backing up NetInfo data

Checking subsystem status:


Filesystem 1K-blocks Filesystem Used 1K-blocks Avail Used Capacity Avail
Mounted Capacity on Mounted /dev/disk0s9 5865276 3268808 /dev/disk0s9
2596468 5865276 55% 3268808 / 2596468 fdesc 1 0 1 100% 1 /dev 0

 WARNING: DUMP: no WARNING: file no `/etc/dumpdates', file making
`/etc/dumpdates', an making empty an one empty

oneDUMP: Last dump(s) Last done dump(s) (Dump done '>' (Dump systems):
file mail:

Cleaning unqualified web host server name files:Aug unknown; 23 sleeping
03:15:03 for sendmail[452]: Cleaning My web unqualified server host log
name files:Aug (localhost) 23 unknown; 03:15:03 sleeping localhost for
sendmail[452]: retry My Aug own 03:16:03 name unable using to short
qualify name my Aug own 23 domain 03:16:03 -- unable using to short
qualify 03:16:04 cannot NOQUEUE: Group SYSERR(root): writable 03:16:06
name sendmail[462]: unknown; 03:17:06 name sendmail[463]: unknown;
03:18:06 name


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