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August 25, 2002

Sara Teasdale

Antares was red in the sky before us,
  And behind us, the blackness of the sea.

Antares was red in the sky before us,
 And behind blackness of sea.

us, before sky the in red was Antares
sea. the of blackness the us, behind And

us, before sky the in red was Antares
i touched her breast
i'm so sorry my life is horrible
she said i've been watching you i lowered her

us, before sky the in red was Antares
sea. the of blackness the us, behind And
we'll do this together
we'll split it between us
she said i've been watching you i lowered her
she said for a long time
she said bare floor

sea. the of blackness the us, behind And

Antares Antares was was red red in in the the sky sky before before us,
 And And behind behind us, blackness of of the sea.


oracle: success in war

   159	16:36	grep -h "great war" network/* > zz
   163	16:37	grep -h "missing in action" network/* > zz
   165	16:38	grep -h "missing" network/* > zz
   167	16:38	grep -h "killed or wounded" network/* > zz
   169	16:39	grep -h "wounded or killed" network/* > zz
   171	16:39	grep -h "wounded and killed" network/* > zz
   173	16:39	grep -h "killed and wounded" network/* > zz
   175	16:40	grep -h "mutilated" network/* > zz

survive. the woman mutilated herself by eating pieces of her fingers.
fragments of cocks, breasts, cunts, churn through past-histories as
mutilated hate crimes, digital eternities mutilated by legacy softwares
and dead prisons, mutilated translations of the usual, the holds and holes
of the body; leaning in toward the screen; the mutilated screen,
projection of emptied spaces, mutilated sites, questions of the mutilated
history of every little thing

mutilated women, men, children. even the order's got an ideology, informal
hate crimes, digital eternities mutilated by legacy softwares and dead
dull and mutilated violence against oneself, the accumulation of mutilated

destroyed and mutilated. - you are killing children. your scatter-mines,
your leaflets are destroyed and mutilated - you are killing children,
killing everything. everything is destroyed and mutilated. what damage
mutilated, returned, sliding out forever, caressed, cuddled, fucked,
mutilated, returned, sliding out of view of a mutilated conversation.

the mutilated faces were unrecognizable.

# the signs were unrecognizable. the machine sorted, resorted, arranged.
# the signs written by smiling old men.
# the signs were brought on the backs of the wounded.
# the foiled assassination. the concentration camp. the computer-roundup.
# everything in this world is evil, she said.
# the smiling old men in power pissing oil.
# the world can't hold us, they said.
# we are far from damaged life, she said. we are mutilated.
# there was no answer. believe in this: meltdown of the net.
# there was no answer. believe in this: you can see the world teeter, if
you look around and leave the commentary.


3 storey house

You see Lightnings, Thunders, Storm, and thusly here.
There appears to be some writing on the note ...

Is this whatever truth there is?
Leaving you plain and in pain
To your brain but a stain
When there is nothing to gain
Here hexed by text

I don't understand that.
Nikuko laughs at Nikuko!
Nikuko cries on Nikuko's shoulder.
Nikuko is jumping up and down, yelling and screaming at Nikuko!
Nikuko kisses Nikuko lightly on the cheek.
Nikuko spanks Nikuko's ass!
Spank! Spank! Spank! Ouch!
Nikuko exclaims, "Yowwwwwch!" as hand imprints appear on his/her ass!
You say, "This is desultory."
You say, "This is unforgivable."
You say, "This area is going down. All areas are going down."
You say, "Look on our lives. "
You say, "Napalm cauterizes the violence of inscription."
Nikuko's tongue cut out, available for massacre.
Nikuko's arms cut off, available for massacre.
You say, "The writing occurs in perfect evil."
Nikuko laughs at Nikuko!
#4422:laugh, at presidents, line 5:  Invalid indirection
... called from #6:my_huh (this == #15756), line 30
... called from #4326:my_huh (this == #15756), line 16
... called from #9384:my_huh (this == #15756), line 4
... called from #57:do_huh, line 6
... called from #1:huh (this == #2002), line 2
Nikuko cannot laugh at presidents.
Nikuko says, The Machine! The Machine!
really furious amazing and unbelievably violent
Dark Furies, Hysteric Cries Of Electric Maiden Furies
I see no "Furies" here.
You say, "Now you will visit my house again."
You say, "You will be welcome in my old house."

You see lance, Tiffanyalan, you-know-language, anal, envelope,
 clitoris, clitoral, aural, nipples, and skin here.
lance holed with Tiffanyalan or clitoral
You say, "You can see my flange/chorus interior here. "
Alan knows that death is coming.
Alan doesn't know how to respond to Nikuko.
Alan can clearly see the onslaught slaughter of wires, routers, EMF
Alan cries out to Nikuko across the void of one MOO to another.
Alan hears Nikuko speaking, of which: WE MUST RAISE THE FIST.
You say, "The arms have disappeared! The tongue has disappeared!"
You say, "My children! My children!"
You say, " - wires crash to the ground, routers burn - unattended
 satellites -"
You say, " - the smell of flesh for years -"
You say, " - return to tokens, the absence of writing -"
Alan cries for the absence of writing, the smell of flesh, the return
 to tokens
double cones, flattened, holed with clitoral, intensity of Tiffanyalan,
 lanced with you-know-language
back to normal after a brief hiatus
She is awake and looks alert.
She is disconnected.

Alway Luvly Swolen Beli Want for You to Look in Him
Nikuko cannot distinguish one from another.
Nikuko cannot distinguish one thing from another thing.
Nikuko cannot reply to Alan.
Nikuko cannot write or read to Alan.
Nikuko cannot write or read to Alan.
Nikuko is burned into the wires. is quantum dust.
I don't understand that.
Nikuko is permanent annihilation.
You say, "Alan, Alan!"
Nikuko screams for Alan!
Nikuko screams THE WIRES!
Nikuko codes THE WIRES!
Nikuko CODES!
Nikuko CODES!
Nikuko does not know in this world nothing is forgiven. She has nothing
written to anyone anywhere. She did not hear from Alan. She is permanent
loop. The alias loop. The alias loop Alan = Nikuko & Nikuko = Alan. They
are all dead. The world has disappeared.
Connection to l closed by foreign host.
---- No world ----


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