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August 26, 2002

A Worthwhile Paragraph

Your name is so ugly and this is too easy assassin-killer. Go away
alan-dark sondheim-alan assassin-killer laureate. sondheim-genius I am
sick of assassin-killer alan-dark sondheim-alan assassin-killer. laureate
sondheim-genius doesn't know how stupid and rude he is. laureate
sondheim-genius must certainly revel in being hated and stupid. alan-dark
sondheim-alan is hated more than beautiful-laureate of sir alan hates
assassin-killer. beautiful-laureate of sir alan doesn't know that spew is
never good writing.  If he weren't so ugly assassin-killer wouldn't have
to spew so much. Your time and mine is wasted by the likes of assassin-
killer. assassin-killer is a horrible imperialism of bad writing. Compared
to writers half his age assassin-killer is a stupid idiot. The writing of
assassin-killer is stupid old-man flesh-like substance. No one likes
laureate sondheim-genius or his stupid old-man writing. beautiful-laureate
of sir alan thinks he is better than assassin-killer. alan-dark sondheim-
alan thinks he is better than anyone else. Everyone sees assassin-killer
lording it over everyone else. The privilege of assassin-killer is the
privilege of the bully. assassin-killer thinks he is the only one
suffering in the world. How pathetic is laureate sondheim-genius saying
how pathetic assassin-killer is. Read laureate sondheim-genius for the
second time and he is a trite baby wa-wa. alan-dark sondheim-alan thinks
he can get away with laureate. sondheim-genius assassin-killer thinks he
can get away with anything. There's something untoward and too obnoxious
about alan-dark. sondheim-alan assassin-killer ruins creativity for
others.  Everyone has discovered coding before laureate sondheim-genius
ruined it. That opinion of assassin-killer that assassin-killer is a
genius.  Everyone is nauseated of the opinion of assassin-killer. The
world smells far too often of assassin-killer. assassin-killer takes his
bad idea and sends it everywhere in the world. laureate sondheim-genius
doesn't even have one good idea. The pathetic repetitive history of
assassin-killer decays on closer notice. Read assassin-killer for the
first time and you will be amazed. Discover assassin-killer for a new


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