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August 29, 2002

the world

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*/but then the disappearance of the original/*

the resonance resonance of of the world is is noisy noisy and and chaotic.
chaotic. the irretrievable. is what followed chaotic means can of be an
followed a by priori means path. an is a chaotic priori can path. be
contained survivors survivors what posteriori. noisy one writes into one
worlds writes among into worlds. worlds no is repetitious no has ending.
ending. world manifold connects stochastically.

think of as infinite infinite penetrations penetrations and paths. think
we can never reach reach the ends of our beginnings. beginnings. we
circulations the are world inhabitations. are follow ourselves we
throughout follow nothing nothing everything everything named named there
worlds without and eyes worlds with eyes. only there eyes. are beginnings
and endings. of full full resonances, resonances, reverberations.
reverberations. reverberations of echos are multi-tappings. and endings
echos. echos. echos

*/but then the insinuation of the proper name, rigid desginator/*

the resonance of world is noisy and chaotic. irretrievable. what chaotic
can be followed by means an a priori path. contained survivors posteriori.
one writes into worlds among worlds. no repetitious has ending. manifold
connects stochastically. think as infinite penetrations paths. we never
reach ends our beginnings. circulations are inhabitations. follow
ourselves throughout nothing everything named there without eyes with only
eyes. beginnings endings. full resonances, reverberations. reverberations
echos multi-tappings. endings echos.

*/but then the recuperation of the resonance and struggle of the world/*

the chaotic. resonance the of resonance world of is world noisy is and
noisy chaotic. and irretrievable. irretrievable. what path. chaotic what
can chaotic be can followed be by followed means by an means a an priori a
path. priori contained posteriori. survivors contained posteriori.
survivors one worlds. writes one into writes worlds into among worlds
worlds. among no ending. repetitious no has repetitious ending. has
manifold stochastically. connects manifold stochastically. connects think
paths. as think infinite as penetrations infinite paths. penetrations we
beginnings. never we reach never ends reach our ends beginnings. our
circulations inhabitations. are circulations inhabitations. are follow
eyes. ourselves follow throughout ourselves nothing throughout everything
nothing named everything there named without there eyes without with eyes
only with eyes. only beginnings endings. endings. beginnings full
reverberations. resonances, full reverberations. resonances,
reverberations multi-tappings. echos reverberations multi-tappings. echos
endings echos. echos. endings

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