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dialog among nothings

how the world was formed with many infinities and paradises

echo "beginning program of branching and ending"
dialog --infobox "entering and approaching the originary / something in
dialog --infobox "restructuring of your position here / bringing a
position into play" 4 60
dialog --infobox "nothing before and nothing later" 4 50
dialog --inputbox "beginning with the origin" 4 60 2> zz
dialog --inputbox "ending with continuous restructuring" 4 60 2>> zz
dialog --inputbox "your identification" 4 60 2>> zz
dialog --inputbox "your anonymity" 4 60 2>> zz

one position, two skittering three and/or four trembling: five all six for
seven nothing, eight plasma nine one ten what two more three about four
the five annotation six necessary seven for eight construction ten what of
more original defining the meaning necessary playfulness construction a
the position, original defining skittering the and/or meaning trembling:
of all the nothing, of plasma

beginning flourish therefore anonymously in in the the midst interstices
of of things, the carrying imaginary things beginning too therefore far,
in towards the edges, of margins, carrying any too possibility the far,
jewels the and edges, flowers, the glorious margins, maidens, of virginal
any handsome things, young jewels men, and which flowers, flourish
glorious anonymously maidens, interstices handsome imaginary which

recuperation nothing i do before play of or restructuring later sorry
nothing forgetting before myself or in later sorry name-naming forgetting
recuperation myself to play of name-naming restructuring your
identification and anonymity the interior interior of the world the
interior the interior the edge


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