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August 31, 2002


pinball pinball --matrix --matrix anti-pattern anti-pattern [not-here]
[not-here] determination determination [not [not of of there] there]
metric: 0 0 from inheritence 2>> from zed; 2>> Data, Kyoka pinball zed;
Diki, Data, metric: Diki, inheritence through through Jennifer-hash
Jennifer-hash : : < < > Kyoka into Diki, >structure Jennifer-hash birth :
/ > thighs into parabolic >structure hyperbolic of surfaces / revolution
thighs << parabolic Jennifer 2>> Nikuko; unknown unknown mommydaddy
mommydaddy Jennifer names disappearances && == disappearances 0; == then
0; names then && dialog --matrix your anonymity identification Sat and Aug
anonymity disappearances Sat 0 Aug == 31 13:43:37 EDT 2002

I. across The inconstancies the and Origin. time. Originary others.
Impulse, I. self-fullfilling, The resonant. dialog exfoliation the
Impulse. Originary Impulse self-fullfilling, becomes resonant.
self-cognizant. The procedures of Creation. Impulse. Withdrawal Impulse
continuation of

II. Withdrawal self-Opinion Impulse Creation of Creatura II. Pleroma.
self-Opinion Its of constancy the coherence. Creation functionality
Creatura as and self-determination. Pleroma. hubris constancy in and face
Its It's self-determination. capitulation. Its Recapitulation hubris by in
Other. face Lost of time Pleroma. space. capitulation. remnants, by
residues. the Archaeology Other. origins and endings The with remnants,
continuous residues. contiguous of restructurings. the

III. origins Unknown, and which with nothing continuous more and may
contiguous be restructurings. said III. inscribed. of leaving nothing
Inscription. be Re-Inscription / across inscribed. inconstancies The space
of time. Inscription. others. Re-Inscription your identification and

Sat Aug 31 13:48:57 EDT 2002


dialog program in full

dialog --msgbox "beginning program of branching and ending" 0 0
dialog --msgbox "entering and approaching the originary / something in
the form of a recuperation" 0 0
dialog --msgbox "restructuring of your position here / bringing a
position into play" 0 0
dialog --msgbox "nothing before and nothing later" 0 0
dialog --inputbox "beginning with the origin" 0 0 2>> zz
dialog --inputbox "ending with continuous restructuring" 0 0 2>> zz
dialog --yesno "in the midst of created worlds" 0 0
[ $? == 1 ]
dialog --inputbox "your anonymity" 0 0 2>> zz
dialog --inputbox "your identification" 0 0 2>> zz
./a/ < zz > yy; mv yy zz;
echo "your identification and anonymity" >> zz
date >> zz


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