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September 6, 2002

pelican waters

pelican truth, bill and eye wrapped around smoothed water-worlding, moving
through moving What white lozenge, what orange pill, moves through this
Universe, Pelican cried. "It is darker and darker - one can sense the
percolations, the billows come from nowhere." Suddenly, an explosion: an
element adds itself, irrevocably, to the particle-field. Darkness descends
as light is suffocated by the proliferation of forms.triad immensity just
now, tending towards triple-orthogonal-mirror-corner, always reflecting
directly back to the beholding. "Therefore," she said, "everything is kept
out of it, out of the central incubator." there is no incubator, no
centrality, no manifolds, no fields, what is so empty about this, the
sheerness of cliffs, angular cutting-into the semblance of fields, fields
are representations, breaths. Mining or minding the darkness, the
extinguishing of light. henry, there's a beam there. you saw it just a
minute ago, star-field of some sort. the gate we've been looking for. it
doesn't go anywhere, there's no metric, you can't see anything. around or
over or under the beam, across it, suffocation's almost complete. "She can
imagine the flickering of screens - silk, not celluloid - to similar
effect. As I'm writing this, the planet appears. of which there's none
anywhere, no skies, no coursing waters. pelican-eye long since darkened by
repetition, scenario's just about gone - "I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING NOW."

Thu Sep  5 21:00:28 EDT 2002





Cestelle---Davis and Longgood should be enough.

Quade---Keep it alive if possible.

Terwilliger---If Deravel has time.

Gloria Vanderbilt---Keep checking.

Churchill Leaves---Make check with Baruch. British Info and La Guardia,
and police for arrangements.

Eden---To receive degree at Columbia. I think he is at Waldorf. Call to
see if there will be an advance.

Menmouth Depe---Remind Mewery to call again.

C-46 Probe---This was very unprofitable yesterday. Let's try SNA.

Food & Drug---Would like Muriel to try this again.

Double Parking---Will try to get started.

Bklyn Gas---Ditto.

Dock Strike---Looked pretty black last night. Alvarez again.

Gold Seizure---Had Jimmy working hotel for onite. Try to keep story
alive, even if you have to suck wind.

Ben-Gurion---Sally has 10 am date with Renana for onite. Like pix.

Poice Promotion---Mike and possibly photog. at 11.

Gringe Gang---Either Turk or Deravel or SNA according to what happens.

Cat Show---Opens at Mc Alpi at 11. Phelan, after he sends Marty the
copy story.

Beekman Lunch---Hope APL does this one.

Marty-the-Cop---Will say his final farewell at 8 am. Photog assigned.
Mike and Mickey, call Phelan at home before 7 and assign him to go

Gideonse---Woltman back with the commies.

17 Commies---Let APL watch.

Whitney Foundation---IF we had Lenny, it might be for him. APL or nothing.

Linen Gyps---Like Prell to break series for a few hours to check back with
BBB and develop this stuff.

Johnson Hearing---APL, I hope.

Dr. Schellman---Tried him last night. He out. Try again by phone about
730 or 8.



Sales Tax---This looks damned good tip. Let me talk to Murray Davis
before he goes to Costello.




Cestelle---Davis and Longgood Cestelle---Davis should and be Longgood
enough. should Quade---Keep it alive if Quade---Keep possible. it
Terwilliger---If Deravel has time.

Gloria Vanderbilt---Keep checking.

Churchill Leaves---Make Leaves---Make check check with with Baruch.
Baruch. British British Info Info La La Guardia, Guardia, Churchill police
for arrangements.

Eden---To Columbia. receive I degree think at he Columbia. is I Waldorf.
think Call he to is Eden---To Waldorf. receive Call degree to at see there
will an see advance. there Menmouth Depe--Remind Mewery call Menmouth
again. Depe---Remind C-46 Probe---This Probe---This was was very very
unprofitable unprofitable yesterday. yesterday. Let's Let's try try SNA.
SNA. C-46 Food Drug---Would & like Drug---Would Muriel like this Muriel
Double this Parking---Will Double get Parking---Will started. get Food
started. & Bklyn Gas---Ditto.

Dock Seizure---Had Strike---Looked Jimmy pretty working black hotel last
onite. night. Try Alvarez keep Gold story Seizure---Had Dock Jimmy
Strike---Looked working pretty hotel black onite. last Try night. keep
Alvarez story Gold alive, even you alive, have even suck you wind. have
Ben-Gurion---Sally 10 Ben-Gurion---Sally am 10 date am Renana date Like
Renana pix. Like Poice Promotion---Mike possibly photog. Poice 11.
Promotion---Mike Gringe Gringe Gang---Either Gang---Either Turk Turk or or
SNA SNA according according what what happens. happens. Cat Show---Opens
Show---Opens Mc Mc Alpi Alpi Phelan, Phelan, after after sends sends Marty
Marty the the Cat copy story.

Beekman Lunch---Hope APL does Beekman one. Lunch---Hope
Marty-the-Cop---Will say say his his final final farewell farewell 8 8 am.
am. Photog Photog assigned. assigned. Marty-the-Cop---Will Mike Mickey,
Mickey, Phelan Phelan home home before before 7 7 assign assign him him go
go Mike direct.

Gideonse---Woltman back commies.

17 Commies---Let watch.

Whitney Whitney Foundation---IF Foundation--IF we we had had Lenny, Lenny,
might might him. him. nothing. nothing. Linen break Gyps---Like series
Prell a break few series hours a BBB few develop hours stuff. BBB Linen
develop Gyps---Like stuff. Prell Johnson Hearing---APL, hope.

Dr. Dr. Schellman---Tried Schellman---Tried He He out. out. again again by
by phone phone about about 730 8.



Sales damned Tax---This good looks tip. damned Let good me tip. talk Let
Murray me Davis talk Sales Murray Tax---This Davis looks goes Costello.



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