The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

September 11, 2002

death, of deathless
nothing one.  one nothing.
thoughtless thought. thoughtless no thought. mind no all all.
being not-nothing being.
not no-mind thought everything.
enlightenment delusion.
delusionment nothing exists space in exists space in and space time.
delusionment delusion in emptiness.
there inside outside there inside being neither neither nor inside
outside. outside are divisions.
negation is the of effect no-cow. is effect no-cow. white no-cow the white
effect horse. is horse everything white. many. cow right everything white
many. horse. right the action wrong wrong action. action. mind an right
illusion. action illusion mind.
fire smoke smoke is fire.  white something is name thousand. eighty-four
nothing. thousand. is to world renounce not world world. world.
thoughtless empty. to 9/11


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