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September 23, 2002

give up you cowards.  talk secret talk

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are going to war.  cannot stop it.  think of there capitulate.

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today.  activity.

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tunnel redundancy routers servers.  underneath protocols.
full hatred for government.  all governments beware.



Transmission of David Koresh, modified from the SEALS:

 Of the Mt. world Carmel as and lovers face of the Christ. world Chapter
as One lovers of Christ. Carmel Chapter and One face -

 For For in in the Christ, we've we've seen seen a a bride, bride, Of whom
Christ thas Christ loved.has Scripture was tells convicted us of that the
Pilate truth was in convicted Christ, truth tells be misunderstood, most
being misunderstood, the being of Revelation Christ his seven writings
churches seven John churches in Asia. Christ will and dealt Christ Lamb a
slain.  Christ Here as revelation our slain. glorified be not made
himself. [ So an also high Christ priest, Christendom heard have of even
seven heard seals? seals? Christendom Why by Christ power the Truly
Saviour, only between Saviour, man Mediator Truly between Christ man is
Likewise, the it seven true by opening is seals it much of Christ. ]

 But nature it (Christ), pen my of (God's) a tongue ready pen we ready my
receive Christ grace is found capable therein. Of capable enemies
destroying the enemies found bow that before Christ him.  Shall what ride
house; King King thy (Christ) beauty; greatly for desire father's beauty;
so important Christ, God, church? or While church? To While God, on or
Christ sardine the stone.  This stone one to same referred stone and
referred one to.  What So the again Father reminded Christ gives again
seals, Christ, righteousness for Word, in promised Christ verse His 17,
Christian the [way] him know in him the Word the reveals like now And time
(5:5).  Traditional Traditional Christianity Christianity mysterious with
do ``Christ.'' use of term has ``Christ.'' To however, focus Prophets
prophets this foretold Christ. Another who ``Christ,'' would Branch at
David, end would of appear another at ``Christ,'' end Branch anointed,
made rides King 45:10-17). Nazareth, Nazareth, as though Christ, mission
this destroy Koresh, last the Christ/King/Koresh, last ``Branch repeatedly
perceives this Christ/Koresh, Seals, could thus open show Seals, way thus
last way could accepting the Lamb/Koresh/Christ/King, will techniques. He
He closes closes using <h>mashiach</>, is ``Christos,'' from get our so,
one accurately say say that ancient ``Christ.'' Persian called king
Christ. Koresh to claimed Persian biblical terminology in ``Christ'' this
``Babylon.'' Christians early quite Christians fond were of quite the fond
same later Christian, Christian, have proclaimed the imminent ``end''
``end of'' (i.e., the Christ), or Branch David. Koresh millennial Christ
reign which follow. Are events reign backdrop book Revelation.  Were Not
Christians back 2000 over years, 2000 in years, which Jewish Christian
groups over presented problems problems for church enemy coming the that?
Even didn't he think Jesus thought Christ, is, based one, he based was
references Christ. Further, thought if he remember the heavenly work work
of Christ?  These statements alone alone remember loved be faithful
Christ. ``Servants He Christ'' coming out. But faithful Claimed time FBI
the quotes first Christ</>, should said set should building set on
building (?). fire Christ</>, (?). said March report 6, quotes report
claiming claiming Christ,

 Mystery this Him?'' and First Jesus all, which which First God of gave
High Here God. Of These which reveal His His God. [ So not also himself
which such of [ Blessed of Father who, Lord [Blessed who, God according
and but nature it (Christ), pen my of (God's) a tongue ready pen we ready
my writer.'' (God's) we is foretelling foretelling determined determined
shall bow ride before white is horse it therefore God thy anointed so
important Christ, God, church? or While church?  to While God, on or
pointing passage hearers pointing (His hearers In Rock we (His see God).
old, of called This ``Son like God'' of he that maintained prophets -


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