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September 27, 2002

the court beauty

the transformation of the translation so far, and then we went and found
another black-throated blue warbler, green heron, black-and-white warbler,
nashville warbler, muscovie duck, swans, canadian geese, robins, blue-
jays, kingfishers, swifts (i am certain of it), grey catbirds, puff-balls,
the largest ginko i've ever seen -

a desolate wasteland - adore all myriad (10,000) ancient laws and - bow
far injures (and pure) (and)  stop test with scalding valley wonderful
(an)  orchid(s) another (a)  pine(s) apple (are caused by) reflection are
vast ascend ascend, galloping, as - well at court attain attainment bamboo
pitches barbarians beautiful beautiful, beauty be aware of becomes one
tenth becoming - covered (protect your faith) beginning beginnings
benevolence bequeath bi-jade (circular disk hole) circular black blessings
(fortune) business (by means of)  through called carefully chamber hall
(public room) change characters chastity circling above clear
(transparent) clouds cold colt comes comfort, music (connector / alone)
console contain (form) covering - covers cries dawn (early in the morning)
deception deliberate depends on (is destroys determination devotion dew
diction (classical rhetoric) directions (square) disaster - (catastrophe)
doubting dragon dwell earth eliminate emanates - out emulated (compete
with) enlist (membership) expel face (meet, - confront) faith feathers
filial piety fishscales fit five flattering ** flourish flows follows
(rules) forms foundation four fragrance fresh from 7 to 9 morning Kun
mountain - frost furiously named gate gate-tower genius gentleness ginger
give gives birth (giving to) goes gold good government grass weeds grazes
great greatly happiness has heaven hidden depths hold if imitate addition
autumn increase - disintegration leisure intercalary timing winter (is)
brief is built close, extreme (just so) ((to be) long normal) printed
(sadness stains silk) issues trouble it's - measure word, they spread dusk
jade know learn - (review lessons) life lightly like lines line up love
makes (creates) making many measurement years men minister model mustard
near negative (un- ) neglect never nothingness not (un) obey ability
children darkness desire (of)  evil official fruit power (the others)
shape sorrow, sadness study father (parallels) guest supreme ruler (of
the)  wild pear (one is)  thinking (one's)  fame (on self (self-reliance))
open pleasing plum poetry poverty precious predicted proclaim proper
(upright) prosper prospers prostrate prudent public (quantity)  measure-
word query question or problem rain raise - ration reality recitation
(poem, song) rectification reliance respect restraint, conquering
returning robes < clothing salted say sending serves (accepts) sheep
(sheep) shift position should - sincerity, fidelity skirts sky small
(lamb) so lu speak stands - stopping (ceaselessly) strictly (accurately)
strike down summit take (create) talk tang teaching accumulation army
boundary (business)  affairs capital cause certainty ch'in constellations
cosmos country deep (the)  (abyss) double-edged dagger emperor empty end
fire guilty harvesting heat hiding, concealing hosts huge ink leaders
leftover residue light moon fills then name origin other pearl people
person phoenix praise - rake there rearing river rivers royal sage sea
sections sun sets west sweetness throne tool (utensil) treasure value
pride way white this tied lined-up (to)  service tread (put shoes) trust
trying case uniforms, wearing unyielding vegetables (vegetation) view,
scenery virtuous warm water what - passes wisdom (with) quiet, peaceful
women work writing yao yellow :: black, yield yin (shadow, moon, sexual
organs, feminine, secret)...


Speaker remnant

Speaker fades in from Entry Point and joins you.
Speaker says, "I'll be Alan's words ..."
Speaker says, "Martin typing them ..."
Speaker says, "One case which resulted in netsex that recuperated a
Speaker says, "At times netsex can be completely overwhelming ... "
Speaker says, "Part of it the 'command structure'  ..."
Speaker says, "The ASCII unconcoous ..."
Speaker says, "ignore my spelling"
Speaker says, ""I can't type half as fast as Alan, even though I do it
Speaker says, "text emerges as parts of past, childhood ... interjections
Speaker says, ""Part objects .."
Speaker says, """The power of Netsex ... not trivial ..."
Speaker says, "Joining subjects across the wall of language .."
Speaker says, "defining ... truth ... idea of true speech and the genuine
Speaker says, "primordial objectivity ... "
Speaker says, "kant ..."
Speaker says, "Questions about Kant ..."
Speaker says, "A state of primitive fusion and confusion .."
Speaker says, "Temptation of St Antoine .."
Speaker says, "Cyberspatial buzzing .... huge amounts of ..."
Speaker says, "Excretion's featured a few times ... not that zone ..."
Speaker says, "not = note"
Speaker says, "Confusions of identity .... @gender commands ..."
Speaker says, "Control faction ... moviong backwards and forwards from
Speaker says, "ss"
Speaker says, "tremendous sexualisaion of the internet as a whole ..."
Speaker says, "Most non-moderated spaces show this ..."
Speaker says, "Sexualisation ... desires implicit just about everywhere
Speaker says, "16 minutes ... 4 to go "
Speaker says, "language loses its formal syntactic structure ..."
Speaker says, "Raviushment becomes the unravelling of language..."
Speaker says, "Woman he knew who would short out the keyboard with her
Speaker says, "Streams of characters ..."
Speaker says, "fbnu bgyf hgf hgf hf hgbfh jgthrjigbtrubigperhbubhuehtuig
Speaker says, "Ah, tht's better."
Speaker says, "cu-seeme is more uncanny and disturbing  than y-talk ..."
Speaker says, "Silence of cu-seeme ... uncanny ... uncomfortable ...
Speaker says, "faces erupt in different direction .."
Speaker says, "recognition ..."
Speaker says, "didn't get to death on the internet ..."
Speaker says, "Tomorrow: Michael Current's fdeath ..."
Speaker says, "Thankyou ..."
Speaker recieves applause ..
Speaker says, "... cleaning up ..."
Speaker says, ""Jerry asks about Kant ... Alan thought he meant something
Speaker says, "It is."
Speaker says, "carry sexuality beyond what happens in Alan's real life .."
Speaker says, "as it becomes more real ... series of exchnages ..."
Speaker says, "list ... priovate mail .. ."
Speaker says, "more emotional .."
Speaker says, "relationshiop ..."
Speaker says, "phone call "
Speaker says, "phone sex ..."
Speaker says, "y-talk ..."
Speaker says, "photos ..."
Speaker says, "peices of hair ..."
Speaker says, "souvenirs ..."
Speaker says, "anything ..."
Speaker says, "Small animals .."
Speaker says, "Oh yes, panties ..."
Speaker says, "That was a typo  . ..."
Speaker uses the word "coagulation" a lot ...
Speaker says, "Question intimates that Jerry ta;ling and Alan typing was
Speaker says, "like dria"
Speaker licks Dria ever so slowly.
Speaker says, "Richness of "
Speaker says, "Turn off the computer ... left with own reflection in
Speaker says, "Different movements ..."
Speaker says, "y-talk is like two bodies separated by
Speaker says, "Ari says even email is theatrical .."


Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 13:55:34 EDT
Subject: The Most Dangerous Person on Earth

This op-ed originally appeared in the Hartford Courant, September 22, 2002.

The Most Dangerous Person on Earth
It's Not Who Bush Would Like You To Think It Is

by Jack M. Balkin

When George W. Bush was governor of Texas, his basic strategy was to stake
out a position and refuse to budge, hoping to bully others into acquiescing.
Only when met with strong opposition did he back down and compromise. We are
seeing the same strategy in his policy over Iraq. In the past weeks, the
president has attempted to bully the United Nations and now Congress into
allowing him to attack Iraq and depose its leader. He is likely to get his
wish. But the larger problem is not what will happen if no one stands up to
Saddam Hussein. It is what will happen if no one stands up to the president
and his vision of moral clarity.

Our Constitution left the power to declare war to Congress because of the
fear that if the president could act unilaterally, he might seek to
aggrandize himself by taking the country into one war after another. Although
the president could always defend the nation if attacked, he could not
initiate hostilities without Congress' approval. In the 20th century,
Congress' role has receded of necessity, so the president's power to make war
has been hemmed in largely by domestic politics, the threat of nuclear
reprisal and international law.

The Bush administration's new policy of pre-emptive attacks is a dangerous
addition to this mixture, creating a host of bad incentives. Simply by
announcing future threats that deserve pre-emptive action, presidents can
seize control of the political stage. A president who takes the country to
war pushes aside all other concerns. By shifting the nation's forces from one
military offensive to another, he can divert attention from domestic failures
and foreign policy blunders. The more often the president attacks other
countries pre-emptively, the more likely it becomes that our country will be
attacked in turn. The president can then justify additional military action
in response, and no patriotic American will oppose it.

In this way, the president can effectively govern through war, with
disastrous consequences for the nation and for the world. Armed with the
doctrine of military pre-emption, the perpetual political campaign perfected
by our last president might well become the perpetual military campaign of
future presidents.

President Bush had good reason to take us to war after Sept. 11. Still, he
has not accomplished his stated goal of eliminating al Qaeda or capturing
Osama bin Laden. With victory not achieved and Afghanistan still unstable, he
has now attempted to shift our attention to a new war with Iraq. Again, he
may well have excellent reasons for doing so. But we must pay attention to
the larger picture. Members of Congress debating authorization for an attack
on Iraq should ask the president tough questions about what future military
actions he is considering. The way the president's foreign policy is
proceeding, Iraq may not be the last war he asks us to fight.

The president is right about one thing, however. Today the world faces a
single man armed with weapons of mass destruction, manifesting an aggressive,
bullying attitude, who may well plunge the world into chaos and bloodshed if
he miscalculates. This person, belligerent, arrogant and sure of himself,
truly is the most dangerous person on Earth. The problem is that his name is
George W. Bush, and he is our president.

They hang the man and flog the woman
That steal the goose from off the common,
But let the greater villain loose
That steals the common from the goose.

"America is a quarter of a billion people totally misinformed and disinformed
by their government. This is tragic but our media is -- I wouldn't even say
corrupt -- it's just beyond telling us anything that the government doesn't
want us to know."

Gore Vidal

1000 character classic cinema

there is always a vacancy ... as if a thousand motion-picture projectors
were all going at once ... as if a thousand screens were dissolving simul-
taneously several thousand already dead, but excuse me - the applause from
an audience of thousands - her staring is uncanny, almost as if applause
from an audience of thousands, degradation beyond thousands, degradation
beyond you, fear sexual freedom more than from an audience of thousands -
your understanding of revolution depends on applause from an audience of

they dead foundations thousand character classic. terms utilized: kindness
womenservants restored thousand reproved prayed healed fast wombs nothing.
thousand. is to world renounce not world world. world.

thousands of millions of hundreds of thousands of eighty-four thousands of
tens of thousands of hundreds of eighty-four thousands of millions of
hundreds of and tens of thousands of eighty-four hundreds of millions.

if there is one thin wire, there are thousands in these matters, thousands
of thin wires: think of them, each labeled and very long.

eight hundred sixty-two thousand. six hundred forty-two thousand. seven
thousand. ten-thousandths. twenty-seven thousand. eight thousand. five
hundred forty-four thousand. seven thousand. ten-thousandths.


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