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October 3, 2002

self violence of everyone against me

not think a of day dying. goes we're by always when close I to don't total
think not of a dying. day we're goes always by close when to I total don't
bankruptcy. building the Gary manager Wiebke our at building us Gary on
Wiebke the screamed bankruptcy. at the us manager on of street, live you
here. make got enough to money get live of here. street, you've you got
don't get enough out money past of tenant our Chris things, Drury placed
took them lot here. things, tenant placed Chris them Drury in took
storage, returned and them. has she's never had returned them them. for
she's five had months. for and five has months.  never there Island is
that rumor stole around all Rhode the Island film that equipment stole is
all a film around equipment Rhode School there Design years was at
twenty-five Island years School ago. of Bob not Jungles sure. started I
it; stole I'm nothing. sure. doctors nothing. Jungles doctors it; can't
me, find but what's every wrong morning with I me, wake but up every
extremely morning can't wake what's up wrong extremely with sick fevers.
chills current low turns fevers. out my to current be employment sick
turns with be low part-time; worry worry homelessness. about my
homelessness. heart heart are palpitations extremely are part-time;
increase panic as attacks. go of through the increased time panic on
attacks. the most increase time go feel knowledge useless means knowledge
I'm means afraid absolutely Azure afraid useless Azure and will me.
suffering am far afraid too of long far me. much am be much with
repetition will anxiety. able able repetition stay anxiety. alive I
another think two I years. of jealous me. everyone life life I seems am
hideous. jealous.

of types fish in there this are city numerous of types cowardly in
mourning. this let city of cowardly there mourning. are let numerous the
have dead to bury do dead. living. living living have have to the do dead
living. the go the on. living but violate no the no. with violate go with
no their but ululations. and everyone mourning is and wailing fearing and
in mourning this fearing city. big is city.  wailing nowhere on live.
things one this getting city on is things to crying big they too. too.

three are windows about are to about fall to out fall of out our of wall.
our three wall. windows they need they replacing need and replacing
respacing and above respacing all. above we we monies monies for for the
the doors. doors. people people in in city city greedy greedy whores.
whores. sell souls their in souls order order cry cry die. die. sell I
want want to die in solitude on on all all fours. fours. I everything here
everything runs here big the lie. big have lost lost our belongings thanks
thanks to Chris Drury. Drury. we she should should lose lose her her job
job and revenge. she hate we then will we sit will down sit cry. and.

everyone we hate should die.


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