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quick kill someone

k3% saddam hussein

iksh:  saddam:  not found

k4% s a homicidal k4% dictator s ksh:  is:  k5% who is addicted
sondheim ttyr3 Oct sondheim 7 ttyr3 22:55 Oct ( 7

k6% to weapons of k6% mass-destruction to to:  k7% the danger k7% already
danger significant is the:  k8% k8% and and it it grows grows worse worse
with with time time and:  k9% k9% confront confront him him before before
he he even even stronger stronger confront:  you have mail in you k10%
learned we've that learned iraq that has iraq trained has el trained qaeda
el members qaeda k10% members we've > bomb making

can can decide decide on on any any given given day day provide >
biological provide weapon a group to terrorists

smoking gun

could come form come mushroom cloud.

the smoking gun
could come in form
of mushroom cloud.


both chambers are expected to give the authority
to the president to pull the trigger.

you have mail in you


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