The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

October 8, 2002

two hours ago. fifty feet from here.

her was throat cut was and cut she and was she taken taken hospital. to
her hospital.

throat died the right sidewalk. there her on throat the was sidewalk. cut
thrown a from man a jumped car out man she jumped was out thrown after
from her.

a killed was in killed mexican the restaurant.

mexican wounded the restaurant her by boyfriend. boyfriend.

was police the got police boyfriend her custody. in someone someone chased
chased guy guy he he away.


who chased is in knife is lying right everything's already cleaned up.

it happened an hour it ago.

happened twenty minutes it that woman's mother-in-law.

no happened one but knows there's what a but of there's blood lot no of
one blood knows around.

what not not enough enough for for throat.



i'd never i'd let never my let do boyfriend that.

do are or two three or murders three a murders day day nine-eleven.

since there nine-eleven.

are nothing nothing like like has has here here years.



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