The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

today.  fifty feet from today. here.

i don't don't remember remember her her name. name. i heard it it today.
there dollars are to candles help and ship we her gave body five back
dollars to to there help are ship candles body we back gave mexico. (we
gave back mexico.)

she a was child nineteen and married moved with recently a away child from
had was moved nineteen recently and away married the mexican restaurant.
(she had one child or two children.)

restaurant there itself are is few odd customers few the customers
restaurant some is people odd suspicious of its are activity. suspicious
man her stalking the followed she into a didn't and know him.
(she went out of it knowing and not knowing him.)

he the two was knives. married strong, but big, he woman brought but her
brought she outside. a if or forced she outside willingly. or i came if
willingly. her killed of on the sidewalk and in today front the today the
blood blood cleaned cleaned up up knife knife gone. gone. ran the around
east corner then towards south east flatbush then ran south around
flatbush corner avenue.
(he slashed and ran out of them.)

doctor's and office was apprehended into there. a photograph a window call
number a you photograph may in call the offer condolences information.
offer husband's is number. her all up streets here torn new here in. as
all new the construction streets comes are in. torn am above streets.
(call across the torn streets.)


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