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Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 01:22:06 -0700
From: Jim Andrews <>
To: "Webartery@Yahoogroups. Com" <>
Subject: [webartery] Brilliant poetics work by Cynthia Nichols

Brilliant work!:

Run, don't walk!

But wait! It takes a while to load. Minimize, carry on, then return to see what a poetics essay
can be.

I like poetics essays better than poems, mostly. I like discussions about chat bots better than
chat bots.

This essay does not, like most poetics essays on hypermedia do, take a tourist's view.

Critical essays about hypermedia that yammer on for thousands of words without using any
hypermedia, yeesh, they make me shake my head. How is one supposed to take them seriously? Maybe
as tourist views. But part of the point of hypermedia in writing is that it is in the writing,
part of the writing. To write about it and not have it be a part of the writing is to not be
there and write like a tourist.


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