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worlds, tribly - 35 minute digital video, 3 minute digital video -
available for worlds, tribly -

85 worlds intersecting: the torus cutting across, the sparrow flitting
from one to the other, the golden droplets swarming among them, the seven
watching men, the doubled doubled seven watching men, the woman from the
london gaiete shuddering, the second woman adding and removing dressing
and corset, the man and woman swirling and watching across, the woman with
the cross evolving and splitting and shuddering outward, the white stars
in the blue-black sky, the yellow stars in the blue-black sky, the great
fabric of being and the construct of the helices, the mouths wide open,
eyes wide open, the look of astonishment and the gaze, the swollen mold
and its emission, the bearded man, the torus bending and shuddering, the
torus taking on the colors and patterns, the sparrow flitting, the inner
and outer spaces, the backdrop spaces, the seven watching men ...

the dark break

the double framing window, the window embossing, the small victorian
blouse, the body staring and disappearing, the serene landscape, body
through the landscape, the quietening sounds, the fading out ...


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