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philosophy of the thinnest of memories
memories of philosopies

there are numerous others. what i don't understand is that - there is no
reason for me to understand this at all - that the multiple practices you
do - they relate - when you die, there will be all these tatters - yiddish
name aba, hebrew avi - they're lost - it's a philosophy of distribution -
interstitial - you'll find it - don't give up - always looking - the
pieces fit together - immersive/definable - sheffer stroke and its dual -
defuge - distributed avatars - evanescence - it's all there - the others
come to me - at night - the codeine doesn't keep them away - they'll
gather the materials - distributive philosophy - reconstruct what you
deconstruct - scaffolding - i'm not there yet, i'm getting there - the
sexuality for one thing inverts the body - the mind - brings everything to
the surface - exfoliations, multiple-connections - mobius surfaces -
topography of the body might be any landscape - think of northern sung
painting - either multiple or no perspectives - thwarted or borderline
landscape -part coalesce - come together - superimpositions, gestures -
coherencies - the punctured text - perforations - sprockets - the film is
running again - auto- or self-inscription - classical geometries of jordan
curvatures - within or without - punctured texts - of inspiration or
respiration - beneath the sign of extinction - the imminence of such - the
holocaust of wind - inconceivable fragility of the good - the world of
pure slaughter - self-slaughter of mass organisms - final breathing of
warriors of extinctions - policy of scorched worlds - mindfulness and the
clear face - fractal paths through measure geometries - construction of
objects by means of paths - appearances of high-speed protocols -
turbulence and animals, as if the world stands still - appearance of
objects within such a world - for that matter aristotelian logics,
regularized laws of distribution - beginnings of the contracts among
organs and objects - organisms and neighborhoods - writing the unbearable
- your work tending the unbearable - violence and the teeth of the world -
philosophy as travel writing - gravitation towards taxonomies -
recognition of minutiae - living among the worlds - the dark or darker
worlds - protocols lying around 'like bones in a graveyard of the living'
- nothing remains within the philosophy of curtailment - the bracketing
recognizing distinctions - [[]] - [][] - quantum tunnels - constant memory
of the edge or edges - double lips - closures - openings, the slit - nib
of the pen - circulations of absorptions - f(x,0) -> 0, f(x,1) -> x - let
f(1,0) = f(0,1) undefined - these terms aren't at variance - there's one
or the other - coherencies, syncopation - it begins with any distinction,
moves through any distinction - of sexualities, the tumor or cancer - the
cancer as plasma - black-hole incoherencies -

the addendum, diacritical - at least until these things foreclose - i'm
breathing on the wires, living in the wires - shadowy presence - nothing
else -

Sun Oct 13 03:37:29 EDT 2002

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