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October 14, 2002

defuge again -

the disgust and decathecting occurring for example trying to
read a novel pornography 'gone stale' 50-55% of my email spam now it's not
junk it sheer
unethical content 5-10 nigerian scams day stock offerings complete
w/ insider tips child sex 'you have opted receive' 'call here' with
telephone number unsubscribe every faced this no way reasonably reply
blocking just about everything out mail relays, mal-adjusted headers,
codework, small servers goes on back into filth mine through something
worth-while leave account or so becomes
unmanageable there's time start private networks where's fidonet when we
need other
models anomalous matrices between inter- intra- nets otherwise violence
world 9-11 by any means furious
auschwitz get money shoot kill bush thugs world's
becoming dark self-advertising replacing news tonight all
same substance hammered language them defuge -
again defuge

again the - disgust the and disgust decathecting and occurring
decathecting for occurring example for trying - to trying read - a read
novel a pornography -

'gone pornography stale' 'gone 50-55% sheer of 50-55% my of email my spam
email now spam it's - not it's junk the it of sheer the unethical complete
content unethical 5-10 -

nigerian 5-10 scams nigerian day a stock - offerings stock complete
offerings w/ - insider w/ tips insider child - sex child 'you -

have 'you opted have receive' to 'call - here' 'call with complete
telephone with number telephone unsubscribe to every filters faced day
this w/ no -

way no reasonably to reply reasonably filters spam blocking headers, just
blocking about just everything about out everything mail -

relays, mail mal-adjusted relays, headers, mal-adjusted codework, - small
codework, servers small goes it on goes back day into back filth the mine
to through mine something -

worth-while becomes leave - account the or day so or becomes it
unmanageable - there's - time other start to private start networks
private where's - fidonet where's when fidonet we when need we other -

models - anomalous of matrices anomalous between matrices inter- between
intra- and nets intra- otherwise furious violence the world the 9-11 - by
9-11 any by means other furious -

auschwitz world's get - money my shoot - kill to bush - thugs and world's
- becoming all dark becoming self-advertising - replacing self-advertising
news world tonight news all it's same the substance same hammered -
language hammered them kill defuge again -

the occurring disgust for and example decathecting - occurring trying for
to example defuge trying the to disgust read a a novel novel again
pornography 'gone 'gone stale' stale' -

50-55% not of the my junk email of spam it now - it's sheer not 50-55%
junk my it spam sheer it's unethical nigerian content scams 5-10 day
nigerian -

scams stock day complete stock content offerings - complete 5-10 w/ have
insider opted tips to child - sex 'call 'you -

have w/ opted insider receive' - 'call sex here' - with with telephone
telephone number number unsubscribe unsubscribe every no faced to this
reply no spam way filters reasonably day reply faced filters -

blocking about just everything about out everything - out mail mail
mal-adjusted relays, headers, mal-adjusted blocking headers, just
codework, servers small - servers it goes and on on back to into mine
filth it mine day through back something filth worth-while for leave day
account so or worth-while so -

becomes account unmanageable there's - time where's start when private we
networks need where's - fidonet other when time we to need start other -
models anomalous anomalous between matrices inter- between and inter-
intra- intra- - nets models otherwise - violence any world - 9-11
otherwise by - any the means of furious world auschwitz to get -

money and shoot - kill auschwitz bush get thugs money world's shoot
becoming self-advertising dark replacing self-advertising news replacing
tonight news it's tonight all all -

same the
substance same
hammered -
language hammered


apocalypse and others


these are the end-days; make no mistake about it. this is neither rumor
nor prediction, although i have participated in both; it is a careful
extrapolation from the facts, the proliferation of nuclear and biochemical
weapons, increasing world-wide fanaticisms, and exponential depletion of
resources, both natural and artificial. we are witnessing an armageddon
that began millennia ago, the fascination with divinely-given truths that
efface all other considerations. my writing is the writing of the apocal-
ypse, and it is the reading of the apocalypse as well. the filters have
become the content; we are doomed, just as we continue to be doomed to
play out our literary games among the havoc.


1 camera moving in raster formation across still background image
 a. camera focused ahead on raster track
 b. camera focused down on raster track
2 background image cyclic sheaf of still images - victorian azure
partially in and out of costume
3 interferences along the path of the camera focused ahead
4 interferences beneath the path of the camera focused down
5 video-texture-mapping on interferences
 a. 'mocking interferences' following camera
 b. ding-an-sich interferences ignoring camera
 c. deliberately occluding interferences beneath or ahead of camera
    1 opaque interferences
    2 translucent or transparent interferences
6 particle interferences - disks with 'win' texture mapping setting
7 camera within transparent particle along same path (parenting)
8 ends w/ full-scan or continues w/ cyclic scan

sondheim patent blanket

the sondheim patent blanket, 7' circular diameter, non-allergenic insulat-
ing substance, fully covers the user. there are two types: passive and
active. the passive blanket has micro-miniature gas-exchange valves,
allowing the flow of oxygen around an 18" diameter area. the active
blanket has a small pump, warming incoming air to the interior temperature
- the effect is a slow movement of air throughout. the sondheim patent
blanket serves the function of a small blanket placed over a cat; it
creates a womb-like environment, cutting back light and sound, warming the
body, and allowing sleep which otherwise might be too susceptible to the
elements. the sondheim patent blanket is under development.




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